Does anyone know about this company? i know its based out of jacksonville this guy named Gene is the person incharge. They charge 250$ to help you get a job on a vessel then once you get the job he request a $500 bonus. The name of the company is Any info would be great!! thanks

Sounds weird to me. He “requests” a $500.00 bonus? A reputable headhunter will tell you up front, in writing, what the exact fees for service will be. You might consider contacting Capt. Kelly Sweeney, who owns Maritime Headhunters. He is honest as the day is long, and doesn’t charge as much as some do. Avoid anything that sounds too good to be true. I understand from your other post that you’re anxious to get to work, and it is good that you’re here asking the right questions. Beware, because there are less than honest folk out there who will be happy to “help” your for a price.

Thank you very much ill give him a try. Might be my best option right now

I was looking at another post from today that seemed too good to be true. I know that we’re all dyeing here to just go to work but there does not seem to be many options, if any. Who knows? The First of the year is only two weeks away and once companies wrap up their books for 2009 new opportunities may arise. All I know is, I picked one hell of a year to graduate, but persistence pays off in the long run.

To all of you out there looking for employment, good luck. I’m right there with you.

Regarding Kelly Sweeney

I’m an out-of-work 100 Ton crewboat captain, and have decided to get my AB certification to open up more doors. I contacted Kelly before Thanksgiving and got a call back a couple days later in which he left a message.

I had been calling him for a couple weeks without being able to get hold of him, and lately calls go directly to voice mail. Perhaps he’s offshore and of contact right now. Hopefully that’s the case. Based on the recommendations I read on this board, I am looking forward to working with him and getting back on the water. Also, he may just be up to his eyeballs in people looking for work, and nowhere to put them.

Got a call from Kelly tonight, and he’s indeed up to his eyeballs in work. I thought I portrayed the situation accurately here, but it came to my attention that it seemed like I was throwing him under the bus. That’s not the case. Sorry for the poor writing that caused any confusion.

Looked through my phone log and it had been one week, not two.

I found the same person so I gave him a call the way he explained it to me is I call him and he tells me who is hiring. He even gave me a freeby so I called them up they were not hiring. My point is you can do the same just by calling the companies or use placement agencys. The placement agencys only get paid if they find you a job, nothing upfront so its in their best interest to get you a job.

I talked to Kelly this evening, he had a death in the family and it took him away from his work for a bit. He’s back in action, and placed three guys in jobs today.

Yea he did the same for me. He told me Edison chouest was hiring so I called and they weren’t. Then he called me and was kinda pushy like a used car salesman

NEVER, NERVER, NERVER pay anybody any money upfront!

I’m confused, sorry. Who is “he”, please?

I believe he is talking about “Gene” at [B] unless I misunderstood him. [/B]
[B]There is a reason that several states have made it illegal to charge money up front for job placement (Louisian and Texas it’s illegal). Ooohhh yea, did I mention [U]NEVER[/U] pay anybody upfront for a promised job or referal. [/B]

isn’t there still an archaic law from around 1910 still on the “books” stating it is illegal to take money from a seaman for procuring him work??

I’m going to ask Steve Gordon.

[QUOTE=seadawg;22830]isn’t there still an archaic law from around 1910 still on the “books” stating it is illegal to take money from a seaman for procuring him work??[/QUOTE]

I know that is the case with the UK MCA. That is why all the crew agencies in Florida no longer charge registration fees. Don’t know about the US.

Isn’t Florida still in the US?

Isn’t Florida still in the US?

Yup! but the agencies are hiring (primarily) for Red Flag boats er sorry I mean Yachts.

[QUOTE=dougpine;22853]Isn’t Florida still in the US?[/QUOTE]

I ask myself that same question sometimes. Been to Miami lately?:smiley:

Yea, guess I should have been more clear on what I was getting at. It’s not a factor of their business location, but their clients’ flag states. So I still don’t know about the US flag.

Been to Miami lately?
Worked there most of the summer. Hardly left the boat, as I don’t speak much Spanish. Until I quit that is. :confused:

I’ve had experience with Sweeney. He set me up with a job on a dredger about a year ago. Times are tight right now for sure. Does spark some hope, reading about 3 people getting work recently.

found this reference: Public Law 98-89–Aug. 26, 1983…foreign, intercoastal and coastwise voyages…a person demanding or recieving from a seaman or an individual seeking employment as a seaman, renumeration for providing the seaman or individual with employment, is liable to the Government for a civil penalty of not more than $500…not alot of money these days!!