Think the talk about headhunters and kickbacks are so true

I read on here and heard few people talk about these things yet today got me thinking. Well I applied to company A about month ago and followed up with phone call not hiring two weeks ago. Then all sudden I get call from head hunter with job for Company A so I wasn’t good enough for them to hire me? Yet I’m good enough for them to hire me through agency.grrrr I was thinking about taking it anyways however was at airport flying to another job got hired 2 months ago just didn’t have ship out date to now. I was trying find better as it’s only 8 hrs day and OT Sat and Sunday, and I didn;'t want leave my son for 2-3 months at time. I was just afraid being used for a trip or two then let go and owing agency their fees. So I’m going just do the Great Lakes for now. But for all others out there still looking for jobs it does look like it’s picking back up good luck to everyone in your search.

Can you tell us the company and Agency? It would be helpful.

Seaport marine fee is high but you can opt to pay entire balance out of 1-2 checks my friend did this better than losing change every payday for 12 weeks