Head Hunters


I’ve been over this forum 15 times over…
such a wealth of imformation but i still have one question…
I’ve been hunting and hunting for a job the last couple of weeks and i am becoming very desperate. Money is running thin so im not able to go to the gulf in person to find a job, which is the last opion i have…
I know of Kelly Sweeny… but what other options are there for job finding agencies or what are the best?


Kelly is the only one I can suggest. Fastream is great too but they only do shoreside jobs.


I emailed Kelly on a Wednesday night. He was on the phone with me the next day, and had a job for me by Friday. I haven’t started yet, but he got stuff started in a hurry. Nice thing about Kelly is that he doesn’t charge an arm and a leg, and no signing over your paychecks. I’ve recommended him to a friend and Kelly’s got some stuff working for him too. It’s not free but it beats not having a job. I’d work with him again.


I am considering a change of scenery, what does Kelly charge? Did he find you something that was good.


Where are you. What city or closest port? Call Progressive Marine in Houston as for Sonny or talk with one of the ladies there. Typical headhunter 15% of your pay for 90 days which works out to about a two week check, Some jobs are employer paid. and some have transportation. It really depends on what you bring to the table. The more qualifications you have the more you can pick and choose.


Kelly charges based on your day rate. For the gig he got me that worked out to about 4 days of work. While it’s tough sending a big check out, the upside is I can afford to now. Got sent out on an unlimited hp dredge which is a great learning experience and great sea time.


The guys brillant, he’s showing up to CMA tomorrow, just after the mates test and just before the carreer fair.