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The good, the bad? The ugly? In desperate need of a job, desperate times call for desperate measures. What do you guys think?

Well, I know nothing about seaport marine, but Kelly Sweeney tried to find me work a few months ago and even though he didn’t find me anything (he actually emailed me about possible work after I got a different job, so it was a wash, but he was still trying) I respect him and have nothing bad to say about the man. Most people will agree with me too. He didn’t sugar coat anything, just honest and straight forward.

See my thread "Does anyone have experience with SEAPORT MARINE from June 30th

I agree with Kingrobby about Kelly Sweeney. He’s very honest and works hard to find jobs for his clients, employers and mariners both.

I have a shiny new 500 ton Oceans, one of the last to be issued before the new USCG rules kicked in. I have put in with Capt. Sweeny, Progressive Marine in Texas, Seaport marine, and MCR in Florida. Also working hard searching and putting in applications on my own. First time in 35+ years as a mariner that I have had to work at finding a job. Wish I had DP but no money for it right now. Took most of a year and a ton of money to get the 500 ton masters license.

My goal is to find work overseas in the oil industry, in some form, since I have a fair amount of experience there. I will work in the GOM if needs be, but would really like to expand my horizons beyond there.

Anyway good luck all and I will try to keep you posted about my experiences with the “Head Hunters” It seems like when I calculate the amount of money they would make by finding me a job that they would be highly motivated lolololololol…ha!

Capt. Dan

I’ll them all a go, thanks!

A friend and former capt.from shrimping swears by compass but i have been told they take 3-5 days pay for 12-15 weeks plus the poor things have been working 12 hour days and have to go out and get drunk, when i was fishing in new england a 20 hour day wasn’t uncomman; it must be hard to sit in an airconditioned office and answer phone’s all day. Kelly Sweeny has been looking for work for me but hasn’t come up with anything yet but he seems to be straight forward. Janet Berry at Spectrum has been looking for me but hasn’t been able to get me anything. The only one i have had any luck with is John Davis at Northstar Marine call him at 713-729-4300 and he might be able to help you Plus i scour the internet looking and submitting applications. this is getting nuts i hold an AB Unlimited with STCW for RFPNW and Lifeboatman. I’m looking to go oceans over 200gt for the AB to mate program i seriously want
the 3rd mate unlimited Oceans if any body has any good leads.


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I agree it is ridiculous! I’ve sent out nearly 100 resumes and not one call! And these were to companys that were “hiring”.

Trey Armstrong at Progressive Marine in Texas got right back to me with a Supply Vessel job in the G.O.M. just not quite what I am looking for right now but he seems to really be on the ball.

Boatahaulic what is your experience with Seaport? They got me a job a few a years back & I have since got to know the owner very well. Young guy, seems to still be learning the business, but a good hearted Christian at that. They have have even given me some leads on deliveries without asking for a dime.

Im on a job from Kelly Sweeney. No cost to me. I recommend him whole heartedly!

Kelley Sweeney called me last week about a job after being in contact with him for 4-5 months. Of course as luck would have it I had just gotten hired on with another company that same day. But at least I now know that he does exist!

The good thing is Sweeney remembers you. Ive been talking with him for awhile, as luck has it he finds work that ‘fits’ me when i have already found something else. But he still calls every few months to check on you. Good man, highly recommend him.

I’m a 1600 ton master with just basic induction DP class under my belt. A little over a year ago, Seaport was able to place me at my current position. But they are PRICEY!!! It cost me 6 grand to get this job. But like you said, desperate times call for desperate measures. Good luck to you.