Compass Marine - Just ignore them?

They had a listing that showed up on and I submitted an “I’m interested” form before I realized that it was an agency not a company. They called not too long after that and left a message and I had not even filled out the full application or sent them a resume. In any case, any time a company responds that quickly and doesn’t even have my resume or a filled out application I just assume they are a scam.

My general policy is that I don’t use paid job services, recruiters or any service that requires any type of fee. I will pay the costs to get to an interview but that’s different.

I thought I saw a thread that mentioned Compass a while back but I couldn’t find it so if anyone has first hand experience with them, let me know.


a job is a job, but i wouldn’t waste my time with head hunters. there are too many out there that are crooks

46 USC Section 10505
(b) A person demanding or receiving from a seaman or an
individual seeking employment as a seaman, remuneration for
providing the seaman or individual with employment, is liable to
the Government for a civil penalty of not more than $5,000.

I’m sure Compass operates like headhunters in any other field i.e. they get their fee from the employee after hire or possibly from the employer. I’m sure Compass is not a scam, nonetheless, I tend to stay away from agencies and headhunters. That being said, a job is a job and while I keep an open mind with regards to offers I tend to sleep with one eye open(figuratively).

Ive never used a headhunter but have talked to a few. Kelley Sweeney out of Seattle seems the most legit. Every one said I had to pay them a %, he is the only one that said they charge the company not you. And he seems to find a job that fits you, not just throw you into any job that’s there. But like I said, never personally used him, just know him and friends that have used him.

I have talked to Kelly Sweeney and he seems on the up and up but I have used Compass. They are legit, their fee comes as a percent of your pay for a certain amount of time. It can seem a bit steep unless you are really looking. They got me an interview that turned into a job that became a permanent job so I recommend them if you have been hard up finding a job. In 12 years of going to sea I only used a headhunter once and it worked out for me that it was Compass.

The headhunter I used charged 2 weeks pay to be payed out of earnings over a few month time period. I figured it was better to pay and get a job (and a temporarily reduced paycheck) than to keep looking for a month or two (with no paycheck).

I used a headhunter when I was new to the business and needed a job.

I have also used Kelly Sweeney. Contrary to what I’ve heard his responses were timely and like previously mentioned he tries to find something that fits you. As luck would have it I’ve always found work the same time that he found me something, so I’ve never gone through the whole process, but it’s good to know that he’s there if you find yourself jobless for a long stretch.

What are,some of the good companys out their that can help me find a job, I really dont care about the % I just want to start my career off, and finally homeless, im tired of sleeping in my car, please help

I can vouch for Compass but that was as an AB Unlimited, and Kelley Sweeney seems to be on the up and up and was good about calling when he had something as a fit for me. Plus no up front money. I would use any means I can and make sure you don’t pay up front. Only trust the ones who get paid if you work, that makes it about them.

I’m going to contact Kelley Sweeney and at least get a copy of my resume in his hands. I don’t think I ever could have come across his name had he not been mentioned here. I don’t know if he only works with companies in the Pacific NW but that doesn’t matter, I’d love to move back to Seattle anyway. As far as paying anyone up front… I don’t care who it is and what their reputation is, I absolutely will not pay any person. web site or organization fees(up front) in order to get a job. I just find the notion too absurd.

Does anyone have a phone # or email address for Kelly Sweeney? I’m heading to Portland tomorrow and would like to contact him. Thanks in advance.


How long do it take for him to call and find u a job and do it cost

He never found me anything because I did not have a passport, but he was quick to call. I had been laid off then called back.

Thanks much, Jeffrey_P…