Going Day Rate for AB on Tugs

I know it’s been talked about many times before. I searched and couldn’t find a satisfactory (recent) answer.
I also know answers will vary greatly, but what’s a good day rate for 2:1 AB in mid-Atlantic region?
Basically, wondering if $275 good these days?

It depends where you are, presently MMP scale has tug AB deckhands getting $377.35 OS $351.26

Some non union companies will pay less, some may pay more, it also depends on what kind of benefit package you require, which would affect your actual take home pay.


I’m curious what the MMP rates are for Master and Mate? Plus OT and ATO?

Meh tough to say. That sounds low for 2:1 but it depends on the outfit. With such a shortage of people, I think it’s pretty safe to say you can get $300 most anywhere on the East Coast if you look. Shoot, Reinauer is looking for ABs via Workboat Mag and they’re north of $400 last I heard…

We had an AB looking around this fall and he was being offered $240-275 on the East coast.

I was making $320 as an AB on the Great Lakes 10 years ago. Non union.

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I’d say no. Thats really on the low side. There’s enough opportunites these days that you can be selective and do a bit better.

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I think the AB range in the PNW is probably about $250 to $450. The majority of jobs will be in the $300 to $400 range.

It’s been my general observation over the years that the PNW and NY are usually fairly similar.

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master $714.95
mate 2 watch boat $614.72
7/1/21 - 6/30/22
master $736.40
mate $633.16

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That’s very helpful.

What about OT?

What about Vacation Pay / ATO?

Paid Holidays?


Generally, I figure that the value of OT, paid holidays, and benefits is about 1/4 to 1/2 of base pay.

Im just trying to get a feel for total compensation value.

Yes, that’s the problem when comparing pay. In some places your daily rate is simple: you work a calendar day, you get paid a set rate. Say, $400. But in other places your “daily rate” is $300, but with vacation pay/ATO it could come to $400, and with holiday pay it could come to $405/day, averaged out over all days worked (if you happen to work on a holiday).

It’s comparing apples to oranges unless you know the total system.


Thank you all for the insight!
@freighterman1 I think this advise is spot on. I’ve seen such a variation in very similar outfits in the same area and didn’t really think of why. I need to look at the whole benefits pkg, holiday pay, OT, opportunity for growth, and proximity to home or paid travel to and from etc, etc, etc,

No real overtime for officers but if there was it would be time and a half.

10 double pay holidays
$21 a day for grub

I did not see anything relating to bonuses or paid vacation but did find three days of bereavement leave and reimbursement for “approved” training.

Is that MMP Inland - Atlantic (the replacement for Local 333) ?

Yes specifically those numbers come from the collective bargaining agreement for a tug company based in Staten Island that starts with an M.

One of the larger companies in NY known for buying other companies is 358 a day, increased summer of 2021.