E.n. bisso? anyone know anything?

Trying to find out what kind of schedule they have (14/14, 14/7 home daily etc) and what the pay is like. Thanks :slight_smile:

A harbor tug company that covers from the mouth of the Miss River to Baton Rouge. They currently run ab 10 tugs. The schedule is 7/7. Day rates: Deckhands start out ab $170, wheelman $250, starting captains who have come up through the company ab $300.
Not alot of money but good schedule and easy work

Do you know if they hire steersman? I make 235 a day now on deck so is be scared to take a monster cut in pay to deck again :slight_smile:

They have in the past but only ab 4 of 10 tugs currently run 24hrs. Unless you are on a 24hr boat you would be running as deckhand until they needed a wheelman and then bumped back to deck when they didn’t. I know they have several guys waiting still on deck w licenses also.