What Are The Deepsea Day Rates for Officers

I feel that tug companies wages are displayed more transparently on the forum. I know there is a wide variety of wages for Deep Sea Mariners based on company, type of vessel, amount of overtime, etc. Yes, you can go into a Union Hall for MMP & MEBA and look at the contract but that doesn’t tell the whole story in terms of OT allotted etc. I feel like wages haven’t matched inflation and they have stayed the same or even decreased in terms of purchasing power. When factoring in vacation, what is your day rate?

Tanker Chief Mate is almost $1k a day.

That’s probably the OSG rate, I dont think the AMO tankers are that high. A little over 1k is probably a master dayrate. Last I remember the AMO tanker 3/M rate was 550. 2/M 675ish. C/M 800s, Master 1100 maybe.

AMO has always been cheap lol

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Interesting that the day rates for a senior captain of a deep-sea vessel/tug/Aleutian freighter are all about the same, even though the license requirements and vessel sizes are different.

That is, if by day rate we mean the annual total wage compensation divided by number of calendar days worked.

A little over 1k a day plus 401k/pension/bonus - Tanker Chief Mate with a 3% annual raise

Bonus??? Damn sign me up.

I don’t get out of bed for less than $1000/day.


That’s the way it ought to be!

I wish I could say that!

I had to have my pickup fixed at the GMC dealer the other day. The labor rate was $129 per hour. I was told that they were booked up for three weeks and that I was lucky they could fit me in the next day.

That’s what I need to say: I’m $129 an hour and your lucky to be able to get me.


On high paying container ships the C/M are making over 1k a day but roughly in the ball park of 1k. But the 3rds on those ships are making 675ish.
However on some of the lowest paying ships I know C/m are making 750ish and 3rds about 520ish.
@oakley23 Are the AMO tankers the highest paying? What is the rate of their other ship?

not sure, but i’d assume theyre similar. i dont think anyone at AMO is making the high containership money. the tradeoff is that if youre not a top 4 officer, your work is steady at AMO.

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Having run a foreign ship mgmt firm if those rates mentioned above include vacation pay you’re almost at N European officer wages for larger ships. We paid the rate and that’s about the rate. Some higher.

Going rate for a US flag liner services company for 3/m and 3AE with average of 2.5 hours of OT per day and 18 days of vacation per month is base per day is $8,600/mo including weekends; OT rate is $50; five holidays per year. These are union wages.

That isn’t very clear. $8600 a month base is almost $300 a day. Plus $125 a day in average overtime is a daily average of $425 a day

18 days of vacation pay at $300 is $5400 a month. Let’s call it a little under $200 a day.

$425 plus $200 comes out to a day rate of $625, (Excluding the value of insurance, training, and pension values).

Total compensation including benefits appears to be about $800 a day for 3rds.

Does that sound right?

What union besides SIU is giving such paltry vacation?


Worst I ever saw in MMP was 21/30… no idea what SLNC passes for vacation on their floating deathtraps but I could easily see it being 15-18.

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Good point. Still most MMP contracts have a minimum 28/30 for juniors and day for day for the seniors. It is the only way to work at sea.


Yes. If there is going to be any vacation pay, it ought to be the standard day for day.

Anything less than day for day, just shows that the unions are in a race to the bottom and will bargain away anything and everything to get a contract.

Probably, it’s a race by union officials to kiss vessel owners’ asses in exchange for some kind of payoff.


Container shipping is so hot right now that very good contracts are being negotiated and signed. It’s a great time to be going to sea gents!!

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How much vacation pay are the SIU members getting at Centerline?

How much vacation pay were they getting when they were IBU?