What Are The Deepsea Day Rates for Officers

If you are on a ship in ROS, the vacation is very low.


SIU has pretty much always been 15/30 hasn’t it? Our guys have always worked 4 months on / 2 months off.

That’s nuts, our unlicensed are like 23 or 24/60. 75 day tours, anything over 85 is day/day.

Yea that’s why the SIU is the biggest scam going. And you need like 30 years of seatime for their shitty pension.

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I’m still wondering what the day rates for deepsea officers are…

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Do deep sea unlimited tonnage even express pay as “day rates?” Unless things have really changed since the last ice age when I sailed, you’re gonna need some math skills to reduce to a “day rate.”


How’s about you just settle for the fact that everyone is going to play their cards close while sitting at their pool in their fancy house with fancy cars…

We are all doing fine. Shipping is booming because of the pandemic and if you’re getting out of school soon, congratulations! You caught the sine curve that is this rollercoaster industry, on the up swing. It will as always (typically in 10 year cycles historically) begin to Peter out and then we will all have the companies holding out their pockets, but right now it is feast time.

Go get some for yourself and good luck. :+1:


Nailed it Cavo.and DamnYankee.

Doesn’t sound too far off with everything included.

Personally, I think vacation pay is stupid. Just give me all my money up front. If I suck at managing my money then that’s on me. It all comes out of the same piece of pie, I’d rather earn interest on it as soon as possible and not let someone else hold onto it and earn interest that should be mine.

Exactly Mr. Cavo, salary or pay/vacation to day rate is simple but it doesn’t factor in things like travel, training, pay for training, benefits, 401k matches, pensions, parental leave, and whatever else you can think of.