MEBA - Realistic Wages for 3rd Engineer to Start

Considering getting out of the Gulf and shipping with MEBA. What’s a realistic day rate or salary for starting as a 3rd AE?


Idk, but here’s some top secret tanker AMO wages. I would give you more details but then they would demote me to MEBA.

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Just checking my math and reading comprehension:

On that contract a third would earn just under $21,000 per month, right? The $14k and change, plus the $6k vacation? So it f they worked a steady even time rotation just over $125 for the year?

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FWIW, this is about $45/day more than my current AMO contract.

Whats the OT rate? Why isn’t that number right there in the contract next to the holiday rate?
Is this a 56 hr work week?
Seems decent on the surface but how much OT and the rate could tell a different story.

125k is a lower contact at MEBA. Good contracts are significantly higher.

Also included with the MEBA is a real retirement plan.

There isn’t one.

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What’s the good MEBA contract? Lets see it.


So a chief mate including vacation makes like 900-950 a day? Ish? Is that pretty much the ceiling or can you make more depending on work hours / the ship?

What? No overtime? Duty pay for engineers?

Matson, APL and Maersk are pretty good. My contract is pretty similar to what you posted and considered a low contract and is one of the reasons we see gapped billets. Top 2 are slightly lower and 2nd and 3rd are pretty close but tough to compare when duty pay, OT, NWA and other wages factor in. No way I am posting a union contract on an open forum.

Why are our contracts so secretive? These unions got us belly up and spineless. I wish union men and women would stand tall and be open about contracts so we can all eat well.

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What positions go unfilled the most at MEBA?

No, it’s a flat rate for a 12 hour day.

There is but in not sure how that works as I’m not an engineer.

The open board meba and mmp jobs are mostly 1 a/e, cm and 3rds. Good contracts don’t have trouble filling jobs. Lower paying jobs are what you mostly see on the open board.

If I want to know wages or contract specific info I go to the hall or call a friend.

Unfilled COI billets are not common across the board.

In the current crewing climate people sometimes walk without relief. If an officer knows they are unlikely to face any consequences because their billet is in high demand.

Yea I guess I meant which positions are in the highest demand. Seems like Chief Mates and Firsts are needed everywhere lately.

3rds is surprising but that’s just the reality that a good chunk of new grads don’t really wanna sail these days. Can make good enough money on land to not wanna sacrifice the time away.

Sorry, I was looking at the 2/M pay. I think my C/M is making about $1,000 a day. It does vary thought the union. My last ship the C/M made $20/day more than me.

Why don’t you want to share a collective bargaining agreement on a public forum?

Its collective bargaining between a union and a company thats is none of your business. If you are a meba member go to the hall or call a rep who knows you to get specifics…… but you probably are not since you are asking.

Also, I don’t carry copies of every contract. If I need specifics, see above.

Sharing salient points and wages on contracts could possibly create a situation where a union or company could use that info for any number of reasons down the road.

Hmm, interesting position.

In my view only good things can come from sharing this information with the public.

I do find it funny that you have no problem asking steaksauce for details about the contract they shared. According to you that’s none of your business. Maybe you should have just called AMO or a friend.

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