MEBA - Realistic Wages for 3rd Engineer to Start

He posted the numbers and I asked for clarification. He seemed like he wanted to share. I dont.

If you want to banter back and forth tell me about how awesome your AMO pension is. I don’t really care and that crap discussion is a waste of time.

Why not post a union contract in an open forum?

It’s not really a secret.

All the union contracts should be posted and discussed based upon the actual facts in the open.

Information has power. Better informed mariners are better paid mariners. A rising tide lifts all boats.


I’m pretty sure most of the unions are aware of the others contracts. They bid against each other quite often. Suggest you call the appropriate hall that you are interested in.

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haha that’s rich… you are the only person to bring up pensions in this entire thread so far.

P.S. I’m not an AMO member so I can’t help you with the back and forth union-dick-measuring contest you so clearly crave.

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Right now across deepsea jobs I think the base standard is 130k for 3AEs for 6 months of work. If you’re making less than that it’s a shit contract if your making more than that it’s a good contract.

The contract @Steaksauce showed a picture of is slightly below the standard or right on standard for a 3AE depending on how much penalty the engineers get.