Buchanan NY

Buchanan OS deck hand claiming his day rate is $370 in NY? Possible? And the union contract forbids any painting.

They are 333so who knows

Sounds about right @ 300 plus. Don’t know what the deal is now that they have become Norfolk Tug. No one painted, tugs where kinda run down, worked a week-week. Buy good Life insurance, they used to SQUISH a deckhand every once in a while.

Yes , That sounds about right for an AB. Not sure about OS. But the stone work is demanding and requires talent. I RESPECT a deckhand who is a successful stone guy. The problem with this work ( at Least as far as Concerned when it was Buchanan). The stone work was summertime only about nine Months a year only. I don’t know how the new company is as far as running year-round with more crews.

Thats is the pay for deckhands at Buchanan. OS or AB. They just got that raise in Feb. There 333

You every penny of $370 a day. When your on watch your on deck the entire time. Making and breaking tows, throwing lines, shifting, splicing. Real tugboating!!

Is Bob Hobb still there ? Whats engineers pay over there ? With them being bought by Norfolk tug aren’t they only running a few boats ?

Bob is gone. For the winter they only had one boat running. And norfolk tugs movin some scow. Which i think is bullshit. I think they just broke out another boat and plan on 2 more.

How would you go about getting involved with 333? I’m not far from Staten Island and had a friend that worked for Moran with the 333 and loved it but it was always very hush hush. Any ideas on who to contact at 333 and how to go about doing it??

Call the hall up.

I tried and went straight to voicemail twice. I’m interested in what they have to offer. I’m in a different maritime union now but being from the NY area 333 has always interested me. Thanks man.

Don’t waste your time. I don’t recall the hall ever doing anything but collecting dues. Maybe decades ago you could hire out of the hall. if anyone has in recent time its been the exception, not the rule. If you want a job just talk to the company directly. If they hire you then you’ll deal with the union.

Ive always had good luck with 333 for over 10 years. Its not the best, and wont be because no one sticks together, guys whine about dues, and the last few elected officials have had some issues. Entry level deckhand jobs in NYC are scarce, bring knee pads and KY. 99% of the new deckhands here have big licenses, and a ton of deck time, really hard for guys coming out here now to compete. Try Mac or one of the Danns. The stone boats where an awesome gig, a lot of hustle, hand signals and throwing lines, things forgotten by ATB deckhands now. 6on, 6 off, 6 standby, in and out of the creek, yeah baby.

An ATB deckhand job sucks balls! Unless u want to be a lifetime deckhand. Stone work was hard but alot of fun also. U learn alot there from throwin lines to tides cause every job had to be at high tide. I learned alot of boat handling and how to moves those scows. Great place to learn to deck and steer. U wont get experience like that anywhere else especially moving oil. But u wont get the kind of pay anywhere else on the east coast of gom for OS and sometimes AB. Buchanan is usually for local guys cause the do a week on week off.

Buchanan Stone work. Real Tug Boating… Put 3 years in on a stone boat, whether you are a deckhand or wheelhouse, and you will gain more experience and ability than spending 9 years at a place like Moran. Stone work demands your very best, wheelhouse or deck. The experience will serve you well for the rest of your career…

Anyone who worked stone for a few seasons will have excellent boat handling skills.

[QUOTE=NYBoatman;105384]Call the hall up.[/QUOTE]

What he meant to say… “GO to the hall” Since you live close, make your face known, pay the 100 bucks for a temporary card. and then Call NT and beat the bushes down. They aren’t going to call you. You have to go get it.

I am being super honest here… If you aren’t a crack shot with a line (out to 15 feet) and HUSTLE don’t bother go there. It’s real deck work. The only thing I can equate it to is working a fleeting tug on a river. Hard work, busting ass, then getting a couple hours rest and doing it again. I have seen guys get shitcanned because they just can;t keep up.

Tanks for all the info guys, I spoke to Moran on the phone and they said the same thing “we will hire some one but we have to call the hall first witch normally isn’t a problem”. But I did hear a lot of things like “the 333 is dead. They suck blah blah” so I’m glad I could spark up a convo on here with you guys about it. Dann seems like a good company too. They have two tugs in the shipyard in my town now actually.

[QUOTE=Goirish44;105417]. Dann seems like a good company too. They have two tugs in the shipyard in my town now actually.[/QUOTE]
Dann may be a good company if the alternative is the unemployment line. But soon, when you realize you are doing the exact same job as another guy for half price… well, at least some people have a value of self worth!!

But, some people just LOVE to be non union, even if it means less $$$

They rather work for 1/3 of the $$ and work 10 months out if the year. They only thing those guys gain more is seatime. And from what i heard Dann is a terrible place to work. They pick up everyone elses crumbs.

Well I appreciate the insight guys, my personal preference is union. It’s also funny you say that about dann cause when I spoke to their human resources guy one of the first things he told me was “WE ARE IN NO SORT OF WAY IN ANY UNION” hahah.