Buchanon Marine

Anyone know of the situation at Buchanon Marine? I heard they were bought out or taken over by Norfolk Tug.

The owner of Norfolk tug and some of his partners did buy them.

Wonder what happened with the crew and the union contract.

Norfolk tug bought Buchanan Marine. They laid off most of the buchanan boats except 1 and have norfolk tugs moving the stone. Which is bullshit! There the reason i was laid off from there.

Did they not keep the experienced crew? Creek work isn’t conventional tugboat work.

Nope. They had 4 boats goin last year. Then they laid everyone off earlier then usual. Buchanan boats had 3 deckhands on it cause of the work. We busted our asses there. I know the norfolk boats run with 4-5 guys. And for 1/2 the $ too.

Yeah I figured as much. Hopefully the work will pick up and some guys will get there jobs back. I do know they are expecting a banner year with the sand work due to hurricane sandy. Maybe that will translate into more stone work.

If you got on a good boat, good crew, it was a blast working there. Wasnt for everybody, saw guys show up, look around and walk off. Its a shame, that was mostly local guys, and it took a special skill to do that work without squishing the deckhand.

I broke in on deck doing that work and had a blast doing it. It is tough work. Tough on the crew. Tough on the equipment. But very rewarding

Might be the hardest company to work for if your on deck but they do pay pretty well. Last year 4 boats like it was said this year I heard 3 boats. Waiting for a phone call so I can go back. If the guys you work with are cool than it makes the week away from home a blast. Week long of jokes

Ron Tucker and the All Powerful Local 333 didn’t come to the rescue?

Please. Local 333 is like burning money. Only time you see a delegate is when you owe money. Other than that when the contract is up

They dont collect dues. Alot of people there never paid initiation fees let alone dues.

Well this is one guy who paid his $1200 initiation plus his $40 monthly dues

So did i. Theres alot of people in 333 who dont pay dues. Im surprise the union is still intact.

It’s because we don’t have a backbone. We’ve let Healey and the ILA drag it down to nothing. The delegates positioned themselves on the board at the UMD, collecting nice checks so they don’t care.

The guys who have never paid dues, or the original fee, are the first ones to quote, “i dont work on sunday” or "thats not in the contract. I agree, the unions been run into the pavement on Bay street. But no ones come up with any clear answers, all ive seen is a petition on our galley fridge. Its a sad day, when the tankerman on the JAM bunker barge knows more about the decertification drama than most of the guys here do. I can see it now, 2 years without a raise, my medical triples, just to vote in another shitty situation.