Buchanan NY

Anyone know if Buchanan is on strike? Other boats moving Buchanan barges.

Didn’t some outfit out of Norfolk buy that show? Or is it like other NY boats moving the stuff? You 333 guys should be honoring the strike with them if that’s the case, you know all union unity and all… Ha ha ha

Hope not though, strikes don’t seem to help much in this business.

Norfolk tugs bought Buchanan.

It’s other NY boats. Not Norfolk.

From what i see buchanan only has 3 boats working. Then Norfolk and some other tug movin there stuff around.

You have the three Buchanon boats and the John Brown moving their barges. I haven’t seen anyone else moving their stuff.

You are correct. I just a Buchanan boat moving.

John Brown will always get his Buchanon work. As for the Norfolk tugs. I was told they would be used if the work picked up. From the looks of it. Seems the three Buchanon boats can handle the work load.

I think the Taft Beach is on its way up there. Its a Norfolk Tug.