Tugboat captain & crew wanted

W3 Marine in Norfolk is looking for a tugboat captain and deckhand (5+ years of experience) also a diesel mechanic.

They have a continual advertisement in several newspapers in the Hampton Roads area for the last couple of years. For anyone thinking about applying consider this: the pay must be dog biscuits and the working conditions crap. It seems that they are doing dredging for they are always looking for personnel with clam shell crane experience.

That sucks. Thanks for the heads up.

Not the best outfit , see the boats at the dock a lot, but they are also buying a new boat for the old barge they just got , maybe something in the works , the own a lot of crane rigs and I believe so some sand off loading at their yard

I used to do some work at their facility. We also hired their crane barge a couple times. I never saw them doing anything wreckless. The owner walks his dog by driving around in his Mercedes SUV while the dog runs beside it. From what I could tell, they keep a small
crew and sub contract most of the work that’s done at their facility. I haven’t been there in at least 7 years though. A lot could have changed. Long story short, I can’t recall a negative or dangerous situation with them.