USS Ashland Rescues Two Sailors in Western Pacific

You’re absolutely right but when was reality ever a part of this story

Not hearing much about the Navy side of it. The sailboat doesn’t appear to be sinking and there’s no mention of using it for target practice or scuttling it to keep it from becoming a hazard to navigation.

There is a silver bullet in this story, and it’s only a matter of time to uncover the lies. 5 months drifting give me a break. Sails furled and still on the low boom because they do not know how to sail? Always motored and ran out of fuel? I do notice the spreader seems to be broken. Is that somebody climbing the mast to take a look at the spreader? They have no family that wondered about there whereabouts?

Who goes to sea with a years supply of food for two people and two large dogs? The boat was too large to enter Kiribati - LOL - Come on now. What about EPIRB?

Here is some info on Kirbati and its berth services.…1&siteid=10036

The lifejackets on the dogs were interesting.


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On charts, the atoll 1200 NM south of Honolulu, on the route to Tahiti, appears often as Kiribati (where it belongs to) AND as Kiritimati (the atoll in the Line Islands).
Their alphabet has no ‘S’, this sound is written ‘TI’. Hence, Kiritimati sounds like Krismas, it is the Christmas Island, used as base in WW2 and later to test the British atomic bombs.
It is 1900 NM east of the main atoll Tarawa, even too far away for their national airline.

There is a big, protected lagoon; fine fore small lighter barges, but may be not for a keelboat.

The dogs must wear these lifejackets. They are good swimmers but you must have a grip to lift them single-handed from the sea on deck (your other hand is for you…). Without a bathing platform, you would kill a big dog without a jacket.

Somewhere I read, the Navy considered the boat as not seaworthy, normally they sink obstacles…

The media is starting to get a clue:

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A while back there were a few threads about a small boater husband (Doug) and wife who used their emergency equipment to summon a passing ship while crossing the Atlantic. The kicker was they were not in distress. Their boat was seaworthy in all respects. The wife was only uncomfortable (she was in ‘distress’ from seasickness) and wanted a ride to their next port. This forum chewed them up for using their emergency system when they were not in an emergency.

Now these two women claim to have not activated their EPIRB because they were not yet in danger. (Let’s assume for the moment that their story is true.) We should be careful of criticizing their non use of the EPIRB. A distress call is when people are in danger. If they were not yet in danger then they were right not to use it.

We shouldn’t encourage anyone to think an EPIRB is an UBER to be activated when the going gets tough.

Rightly so. Not the first time that wafis hit the panic button because the fun of playing sailor wore off but most know enough to jury rig sails as long as they have standing rigging. (Which these women had).

In their first interview aboard the Ashland the blonde said she was sooo grateful to be rescued because she was sure they had less than 24 hours to live. Unexplained contradiction.

That’s not a reasonable assumption. The more of this story that gets reported, the less sense it makes. So far, it’s a pile of contradictory BS and the only safe assumption that can reasonably be made is that they ran out of magic mushrooms and wanted to go home.


Gotta be a scam to gets the people mind of navy collisions ,

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Story is complete LIE: Look at pictures of Rig. Halyards are in place and jib is rigged on furling forestay, a open halyard is clipped to the front of the mast. the mast has built steps and picture shows the gal in wet-suit climbing. has enough knowledge to add 6 tons and 3 feet to keel but not to sail on jib or repair halyards. Interview with Mom in Hawaii states she lost her phone so she did expect a call back (If she lost her phone how did mom know that…). Any one missing a stolen 50’ boat?

CNN reporting possible fraudulent story;

  1. NOAA Hawaii says there were no storms in the area. The girls stated a storm caused their issues.

  2. They had an EPIRB onboard, knew how it worked but never activated it.

  3. Claim they made radio contact with someone on Wake Island but they would only help them if they could get into the protected lagoon or harbor. WTF.

Seems like some kinda BS goin on but if that’s the case what was their motive? If it turns out to bed a lie I hope they are made to pay everybody involved back. Geez, very strange.

Hey, be careful what you say about Ginger and Maryann. These two shysters can’t hold a candle to what Gilligan’s girls could do.

I wish cnn would read our post

Skepticism is growing:

And here is some entertainment. The editorial ends with - I don’t know what the fuck happened. But I do know these women are full of shit.

Someone should check to see if they have any insurance policies

If they legalized pakalolo in Hawaii this may explain a lot about their entire voyage. I’ve had…I mean I’ve heard about that Maui Wowee and…yeah…

Are you forgetting yourself? Don’t poke crazy.

Judging by the appearance of the one on the right it looks like the emergency was they ran out of donuts.

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Those dudes just need to give up on this farce already!

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I sure wish my comments didn’t end up being expunged like they are. Appel has something very seriously wrong with her mind! it may not be drug use related but the woman is delusional!

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