The graveyard of the Atlantic claims another victim

I posted about the 72’ scallop boat Ocean Pursuit when it went aground near Oregon Inlet back in early March. At the time, the owner told the CG there were plans to salvage it but evidently it didn’t work out that way. Time lapse of it settling into the sand:


Graveyard of the pacific?

Oregon Inlet, North Carolina

I have that image on a wood hanging background. It was a gift from a relative a ways back. Tells a storied history some of my guests appreciate.

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My bad, should have looked before typing :slight_smile:

That’s pretty cool video!

I’m surprised they didn’t get it off within a few days. When it first happened conditions were light. A tug could have come down from Norfolk and yanked it off while it was still mostly awash.

The salvage situation is not resolved yet. The local guys told me to contact SEC NC.

Will have to be a rather shallow draft tug with some horsepower .That inlet is a bear, even for the Sport Charter guys that know that transit well. That thing is dug in pretty well by now. Feel bad for them.

It could have been towed out relatively easily within a few days of it happening with one tug. There were some around. It’s turned into a much bigger job now.

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Perhaps, there were a few shallow draft tugs working on the bridge project at that time within eyesight that may have helped. Why the owner didn’t/couldn’t reach out is anybody’s guess. Insurance claim?

The CG got a contractor in mid March to offload the hazardous materials but it’s a standoff; the owner refused to pay to remove it and now it’s sunk down deep in the sand. With everything that’s going on right now, I’m told it’s going to be left there to break up.

The picture says it all.

The background and sky scenes look like C.G. I. to me. Link to unedited video

Good footage