Weather channel Deep Water Salvage

Anybody else catch this show? I watched some of it last night. I’m aware of course that these shows add drama when none really exists but I still enjoy watching sometimes. This one seemed OK, not great, like most of this type show.

I hadn’t heard of it, but looks like Laredo Construction is involved from what I have seen of the previews available on line.

They were retrieving big mahogany logs from an old wreck. The operation seemed a little ad hoc to me, which to some degree is expected of course. But the one thing that stuck out was that the boat was rolling in a good chop and the crew they didn’t seem to be ready for the fact that the log would roll when they set it on deck.

It’s hard to say, sitting at home in a La-Z-Boy with a beer and the remote, watching the struggles of others, but something did seem a little off. I’d make sense that they had a construction background.

I should probably watch it. I have worked with some “salvage masters” in my career that probably shouldn’t be in the profession. I do know that one of them popped up on a marine salvage show I was watching on History Channel or similar some years ago. With the expected results. Makes for a crappy salvage job, but good TV, no?

I saw it the other night. As was said, manufactured drama. The divers off Peru seemed to have their act a lot more together than the log guys. I used work the divers when I was in the Navy. Until the other night, I never knew that a hull or prop cleaning was a big deal. The divers came, made off color jokes, did their job & left.

Son is presently working with the weather service in Norfolk, an 8 month assignnment with his Navy reserve assignment. I asked him are you learning anything regarding weather. His reply, yes I am. It is unpredictable but we have a clue. Hoping he does/has the right forecasts to protect our properties on Outer Banks, he is a future owner of both properties. One across the street from the ocean, one not so far away. Proud of my guy for honoring his committment to KP after 8 years. Lieutenant H. The box ship guys want you back ASAP. Your job is awaiting when you finish your navy commitment… You have done well sir. As a mariner and a father ,Goddamn proud of you and your football pals that stuck with the program. Navy is lucky to have you guys, engineers and mates. 5 in the same Facility, diferent jobs., what a hoot.

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Nice pic of a badass OSG ATB rig on Gcaptain. Appears he is going by a nukey plant on Delaware River. Worked that route more than a few times. My former mate is Captain on that unit. He and his pop sailed as AB’s and tankerman with me many moons ago. Darn good sailors. A shame the fleet got too old to satisfy the customers and insurance. Crowley and others picked up the pace. I left in 2003 before the scrapping began. That is a sweet lightering rig, may I say again, the captain is pretty darn sharp.I know him well as a fellow hawespiper and federally licensed pilot. We started from the bottom and worked our way up. Making serious bucks with AMO salary and pilotage fees; Dude is killing it good for him.I left with a smile on my face. He will too, if they don’t carry him off the boat.

I don’t know if you’d call it “good TV” or not. My daughter once commented about about my taste in TV shows; “Dad, you like redneck shows and the redneckier they are the better you like them”.


I am not much for most “redneck” shows. My guilty pleasure for so called reality shows included “Deadliest Catch”. . .oh, and that one on History, “Alone”. I did watch “Salvage Code Red”, but I know and have worked with some of those salvage guys.