Interesting YouTube channel on marine accidents and disasters

Here’s the most recent video:


Thanks for the post. The video was very well done.

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there are a lot of videos on U tube of ships crashing. most are ok entertainment for a minute or two but little else.

I also subscribed to this channel after it randomly popped up in my feed. The creator stumbles sometimes with nautical terminology, and the delivery is somewhat hesitant, which would be much improved if he did more takes and cherry picked the best lines.

However, he makes up for these shortcomings with excellent research. He goes deep into the operational history preceding the accidents, and dredges up an astounding amount of detail. For example, his presentation of the Edmund Fitzgerald contained a whole bunch of stuff that I never found in a week of obsessive reading when the ship first caught my fancy.

Excellent stuff. Still, I gotta wonder how much traction a channel titled “Maritime Horrors” will find with professional mariners.

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Professional mariners are not a mass market.

All entertainment is aimed at mass audiences, the show is just a hook, the viewer is the product.