Sable Island

I though Sable Island was the graveyard of the Atlantic, google does come up the Outer Banks first however. That does look like a lot of wrecks around Cape Hatteras.

Sable Island is not likely going to be tourist destination in any case.

Correct. My Grandfather was shipwrecked there when the trawler Lemberg went down (1937). He had that poster framed and hung in his living room. As kid, I’d listen to his stories about the wild horses that roamed the


We sailed mostly to/from Jacksonville/Gibraltar so our Atlantic transits were usually at lower latitudes but I think Sable Island falls near the GC track if the transit is to/from ports at higher latitudes.

@DamnYankee likely has more transits in that neighborhood.

Been past it more times than I’d like to admit

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More often than not it wasn’t a pleasant trip.

Sable Island is on the GC track from Pentland Firth to NY/Boston and sometimes tracking further north from the Med to get over the top of a low(s). I’ve been by there many times and have gone between Sable Isl and Nova Scotia to be in the lee during some winter Atlantic Storms and it worked out nicely. Not many ships not will travel that close to Sable anymore (unless going to Halifax) due to having to be in the EEZ too long. Weather Routing is no longer weather routing but instead it’s Fuel Savings ($$$) Routing with the last GC waypoint being that position which minimizes time in the EEZ where you burn the higher price fuel. It is all about the Benjamins!!

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I’ve been there and it was an interesting experience.