Fishing boat aground

CG is airlifting crew from the 72’ fishing boat Ocean Pursuit that ran aground in Oregon inlet about an hour ago. It looks like everyone aboard is safe.

It looks like they waited until day light to make the transit. OI is a scary place with the right conditions.

Conditions today are mild, maybe some mechanical issues at play.

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Are you with the bridge project?

I went in there a few months back with an 8ft draft tug, at night. In hind sight I should not have done it Until daylight but conditions were mild then as well and we never had less than 4ft under the boat.

Not with the bridge project, I live on a nearby island. Next time you wash up on this beach, give a call and I’ll buy you a beer. PMing my phone number.

Oregon Inlet is a challenge for even the most seasoned mariners. The channel moves almost daily. One of my renters has worked a charter boat down there for quite a few years, it is not an easy job…

On a better day…

That boat reminds me of Forest Gump’s shrimp boat.

No. That’s not a shrimper. It’s a scalloper

This SW wind should help knock the swells down, especially with an ebb tide.

The Army Corps sidecaster dredge Merritt is out in the main channel working and the ICM tug Kodiak looks to be standing by. Hopefully they’ll get if off without too much damage.

I wish I was down there to see it myself.

True but there are some nice Marlin and tuna outside there.

Last time I looked at the ACE surveys, it only showed a 4 foot depth up near the bridge. How far in did you go with an 8 foot draft?

I made it to the barge mooring on the east side of the bridge. Then once the sun came up I went to the construction dock on the west side/south side of the bridge. I bumped leaving the mooring basin but then I had enough. Once you get on the west side of the bridge if you stay close to the bridge pilings you have 12 foot or more. Believe it or not there is 50ft the closer to the construction pier you get.

The shoaling is worse to the north where the charter boats go in and out. The Merritt has been out there a lot lately working on that side of the channel.

Yes, season closed on commercial tuna in the last week. He got a 101" and a 102" a few days later just before season closed. Caught some smaller ones, during the season He sent pics of those two biggies on Facebook but didn’t make them sharable. “Seaducer”. They do quite well during tourist season out of Oregon Inlet. He’s been mate with the Captain/owner for the last 8 years or so. I fished there occasionally on my now sold 25’ Grady, had to pick the right time to make it past the bar. Crazy swells out of nowhere.

The boat hasn’t moved. One of the guys at the CG station told me the owner is making arrangements to tow it off.