Maritime Jobs

Hi, I just moved to the Pacific Northwest after twenty four years in Arizona, and all of the sudden there seems to be alot of opportunity
working on in and around ships, barges, tugs and fishing boats. I dont know a whole lot about this stuff so I was hoping someone here could help.
Where do i get started? I dont know anything about certificates or licenses that may be required. So how do i get a job on a boat? Is there a union contact
I need to get in touch with? I live just outside of portland oregon and would consider a career somewhere in this industry, any advice?
Any help you guys could give me would be great

Do what I did…
Read ALL the past post here.
There is a huge amount of detailed and helpful info guys have posted here on how to get started. Just take the time to read it.

Howdy Mr. 227,
Welcome to the PNW, by the way. I’ve been here for fifteen years and love it. Bob is right, do the legwork first by reading everything you can here. Then, return with a list specific questions and you’ll get all the help you can handle.
I’ll even go so far as to get you started: go here first.
You’ll find the path to work on the boats has become diffricult and expensive, so if you still want to pursue it after doing your research, this is the place to get the inside scoop.
Good luck.

Interesting, quite a few people from the PNW. Im sitting in Portland right now… Its raining

Capt Anonymous,
What kind of craft are running out of the PNW? I guess from Columbia Bar down. My folks live in Coos Bay, and they’re getting up there. I’d like to get closer. Any idea of scale for DDE?
Don’t worry about the weather up there guys, I hear summer is BEAUTIFUL. ( if you don’t have to work that day)

Sause Brothers Towing is headquartered in Coos Bay and they have a growing fleet. I cannot say exactly what the pay is these days for a DDE with them, but the tugs on the West Coast as generally higher paying than on the East or Gulf Coasts. Of course, you have the winter weather out there which is much worse than on the other coasts. They get some heavy duty storms out there this time of year and a 120’ 6000hp tug will still get the crap kicked out of it.

Lots and lots of petroleum, rail barges to Alaska, gravel, the occasional log boom, ship assist and escort work. Lots of traffic to and from Alaska A little bit of everything. The big players up this way are Crowley, Foss, Dunlap, Western, K-Sea, Olympic, and Sause Bros. Shaver, Tidewater, and Brusco are big on the Columbia River. Not the GOM Tidewater. Hornbeck has a couple of boats up here on contract to the Navy, very sweet gig too.

Not true about the pay being higher in the PNW anymore. I worked Alaska to LA for the last 12 years, now I am in the Gulf after K-Sea bought out my last two companies. Sause is good, but they want to work you to death. Lots of long haul tows to Hawaii and stuff. Crowley is hiring and they are gearing towards ATB’s. (VERY nice equipment). They will help you increase your license and K-Sea is also hiring now. The winter weather can be rough, but they use 3" gear not hawsers. Big difference for the ride considering 12-14 foot seas are a good day outside Cape Flattery in the winter.
MLB, I withdraw any helpful comments if you are a NY Yankee fan.

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