Tug jobs oregon

I just recently moved to the Portland Oregon area and been looking to get on a tug. I have my master 100 ton, Ab limited(just got my sea time letter which gives me the days for unlimited), lifeboatman, basic training, and rfpnw. Seeing if anyone has some info about companies and who’s hiring.

Foss advertises for deckhands on the river occasionally.

You best bet might be centerline. They’re looking for deckhands in Seattle. Foss will occasionally post for casual deckhands, my buddy works there and it’s a grind to get any short of schedule. Maybe try Shaver but not exactly a hot bed for activity…

Maybe Sause Bros. Inc. out of Coos Bay. They have operations in Portland as well. Top notch company.

They’ve been having some layoffs, have lost some work.

Why would you move to Portland after all the crap going on there. I’m about an hour 20 NE of there and I’m looking at selling…

Thanks for all the replies. I’ll be looking into these companies

Foss, Shaver, and Tidewater are the big three on the river. They all post openings regularly on their websites, Shaver just closed a deckhand posting a few days ago. There are a number of smaller companies that may have openings from time to time, but it can be harder to track those down. I’d suggest bookmarking career pages of the big three and setting up an alert on your favorite job site for titles like “deckhand” or “marine”.