Getting into tug industry

Ive been on the launch service and offshore platform work the last 8+ years and want to get into the tug industry. I have all the credentials needed for a deck position but can’t crack landing a job. Any advice?

Look harder. There are plenty of available tugboat jobs.

Yeah, just be careful using google to land tug jobs. . . . .


Where is home and where are you looking to work?

From my experience, tug companies are looking for local guys as deckhands so that in case of an emergency they have you in their back pocket to call on short notice relief/fill-in.

No shortage of work, where do you live?

They are out of Chesapeake VA and are always hiring.

One thing that might be causing you problems ,which is ridiculous, is your experience. A lot of these tug companies prefer green/inexperienced deckhands because they are cheaper and can “train” them. Looking around at day rates posted on FB etc, it’s crazy how little deckhands in the South are being hired for. When your resume comes across a hiring managers desk, they might believe you aren’t worth their time due to your experience/sector of the industry you have worked in, and wouldn’t consider working for them. Just a thought.

On a side note, Dann Ocean is hiring and is now offering equal time…