Deckhand Positions

Western Towboat Co. ( Is looking for deckhands/AB’s for our Ocean Towing tugboats. Candidates must have experience working on tugs. If you can cook that is a plus. Experience working in Alaska preferred but not required. Must have valid TWIC card and passport is preferred. Please email with resumes and any questions. No phone calls please.

The blogNew England Waterman has a post up withsome photos of some of Western’s boats.

It’s been a while but when I was mate on the Arctic Scout we used to work with Western Towboat, seemed like a good outfit. They had a good reputation, some nice boats.

Thanks! I will check that out.

Know if it is seasonal? Scheduling? Thanks for posting the info m8 :slight_smile:

Full Time busier in the summer than the winter. No set schedules as our runs vary and so do voyage lengths.

So more along the lines of call out work? Reason I’m asking is I work a 2 on/2 off and am looking to start working the PNW as I am buying a house up there

It’s call out sort of, it’s def. not 2/2.

Alright thanks for the help with the info cap :slight_smile:

Anytime feel free to PM if you have any specific questions.

Great outfit, wished they had a schedule though!

Hello, you still looking for deckhands?


My wife used to work on a random yellow tug stationed at Cape Hinchinbrook, every time a Titan cruised by the Cape I would get a text “sweet stacks on the horizon”

If we didn’t have 3 labs, she would take the AB job in a minute.