“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”



They finally pulled it off the beach after transferring the fuel.
Boat details:

I can’t help thinking that pretty anchor up forward might have saved a bunch of grief.


Curious how both engines “froze” and the generator wouldn’t run.

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Ever hear of the Aiviq?



their insistences in trying to turn the vessel around is questionable considering the stern was facing the open sea, a bridal set up to the transom bitts with back up lines to the beam cleats would probably have worked
its remakable that the vessel did not turn beam to the surf driving the vessel father up on the beach.

glad the finally got it off


I agree, although it was a valiant effort considering what they had to work with until more help arrived. As to trying to drag the bow sideways through the sand, I’m guessing they were trying to avoid damage to the props by not towing her ass end first.

Yachties…but don’t worry, surely the driver gots his 100 ton MASTER! You best call him Captain!

I guess dropping anchor is too difficult? Which, it’s actually amazing to see an anchor on a modern sportfish (bow rails disappeared 20 years ago).


Who was there to drop it would be my question. How many crew were aboard for a delivery? I have always heard that delivery crew was as bare bones as possible.

These six-pack offshore sports fishing boats are uninspected so although they take on passengers for hire, they don’t have to comply the 42’ high rail requirements. I think it’s a hazard having absolutely no handholds of any kind on the decks but it’s all nice and legal. I can’t think of a reason for it except for vanity: presenting a clean uncluttered appearance.
There are several of these big sports fishermen in the marina where I live. Some of them do have small bow rails but I’d venture to say most of them don’t.

A vessel of that class that I’m familiar with has a New Zealand manufactured Maxwell winch remotely operated from the helm complete with chain counter. While there would be no hope of recovering the chain the unit draws so little current to release the chain and operate the chain counter the battery bank would have enough juice to the point where the battery bank was completely dead.
They also make a gypsy able to cope with a combination chain and rope rode.

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That’s insane. How do the builders sleep at night?

It’s important to look good

usually, the running gear and rudders are bent during the grounding from bouncing up and down in the surf.

trying to turn this boat stem on to the seas only grinds the keel into the sand causing more resistance.

doubt its a six pack boat, no lifelines or stanchions

There are several sports fishing boats in my marina and only some of them have lifelines. If a guy with a OUPV owns one of these very popular boats and run fishing trips with no more than 6 pax, who is going to tell him he can’t operate without installing lifelines or worse yet 42’ rails?
There’s one of these tied up not 50 feet from me.

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I agree. There would have been damage by the time the first salvors got there. It appears as if using a bridle and towing from the midship cleats would have been more effective except for the fact that the midship deck cleats aren’t designed to withstand that kind of load.

Hey, that Salt Life collared shirt adds 20yrs experience. lol