Another rear-ender

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Someone is doing some butt covering as the reports last night were that it was a fishing vessel running without nav lights and it was T-boned. The legal troubles start now. I believe the initial reports were given by the yacht owners/ operators.

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Above is the Utopia IV currently moored in Nassau. Some photos of the bow damage. Hard to believe an Italian built aluminum yacht could sink a double hulled tanker so quickly.

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Then again it may have been the tanker’s fault.

The strongest point of the yacht (she should survive a crash at 28 knots into a ‘thing’ floating just below the surface) cut into the weakest point of the vessel (it is unimaginable for crashing herself into something, backwards at full speed) .

It could be due to the climate change…



Or it could be because captain yachie was getting a hummer from the new stew and lost his bearings


Any updates? I love to hear yachtie news.

If it were a sailing vessel I say look on “sailing anarchy”.

But I don’t know where to look for motor yacht crazies.

I suppose the pillow talk would have been “did the earth move for you too?”

I found a few articles after doing some digging, basically rehashing what happened, I did find a few new things…

It sounds like the little tanker they skewered was primarily engaged in taking products between the smaller Bahamian islands and now that product has to be shipped in barrels, which is far less efficient and more labor intensive.

I found a you tube video that had a lot of unconfirmed but believable info:
The yacht’s wheelhouse lights were somehow unable to be turned off.
The captain left the bridge to tend to the guests leaving a deckhand alone as the watchkeeper.
Lots of spray was coming off the bow obscuring the view out the windows.

The guy who owns Utopia IV also owns a company called Market America.

The “cruiser’s forum” has a lengthy thread about the incident where they seem to be arguing about AIS and weather or not the little tanker’s dingy was blocking its stern light. :rofl:

Oof, they are lucky the yacht didnt sink too