Helix ESG’s Q4000 Damaged After Collision With Supply Vessel

Was surprised to see no chatter about this incident, only what is on http://www.gcaptain.com/forum/offshore/15819-hard-shell-life-raft-bow-3.html


[B]Full disclosure: Hearsay ahead.

[/B] I have the following from someone closely associated with the boat who was on the beach at the time of the incident, who got the word from crew aboard:

[li]the captain had a habit of spending lots of time on his laptop while underway [/li][li]the boat was doing weather patterns on a route the AB/mate (not sure which) at the helm had set in autopilot [/li][li]the captain allowed the AB/mate to go below briefly without verifying autopilot route [/li][/ul]

My heart goes out to the watch below as they will never forget the sound of all that steel complaining, less so for the captain who has a very complicated future ahead of him (if the situation is indeed as reported).

If so, I wonder what charges if any await him- criminal negligence? Reckless endangerment? Any sea-lawyers want to chime in? How about “clawbacks” for the cost of rig/OSV repairs in the six or seven figure range? Shudder.

Stinks, for all involved, and at the very least a solid reinforcing lesson that I can learn from someone else’s experience.


How about what goes on the ship stays on the ship. Was anybody hurt. No? Fix the boat and get back to work. The more the public knows about our human errors the more we will surrender ourselves to government oversight. Take your butt chewing, pink slip, whatever it is and know that you made it through this one, now just don’t let it happen again. Now insurance and lawyers and more meaningless paperwork. We know they messed up so let it go. We need those guys. They still know how to work on a boat just need to be straightened up. Enough said.

Too many rats…