Ms. Caroline in collision

I’m not sure what they ran into off Fourchon, LA. but all I can say is thank god for collision bulkheads!

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Just saw pictures of the crewboat Ms. Caroline coming into Fourchon with her bow crushed in…hope everyone made it. Sad sight.

I have a relative on that boat as a rigger. Crew and riggers (4 crew/3 riggers) sustained non life changing injuries and are ok. Apparently they t-boned a ship

Id love to see some pictures

You must have been standing right next to me as I shot almost the identical picture…

Buddy of mine sent the picture. I’m in Slip B right across from the GOL dock. They just pulled the Ms. Lauren up next to her and gives a good example of before and after

Here are some pics I took this morning. She’s still sitting at the GOL dock in Slip B.


Here are some more…

Man someone screwed up big time. Looks like they hit the corner of something.

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I hear GOL needs a new captain and mate…

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Looks like she’s off to the yard to be made pretty again.

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Corner? Looks like a 90* collision with a wall! When they came in to the dock they were met by medics and ambulances left with lights rolling. Hope no one was hurt to bad.

Man, we just released that boat last week!!

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That has to be the most embarrassing trip into port ever!!! I hope no one was hurt.

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Hey guys, thanks for the pictures.

Hopefully only bumps and scrapes to the crew.

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There was a broken neck and and ankle. Captain fell asleep at the wheel. I’m in cport1 and saw in creeping in

Hope that’s not my ride. I will be spending some time on a liftboat and will ride thre from Fourchon Tuesday.

Out of which dock?

Anyone know what this vessel ran into? Plus, there were other injuries…

If the captain feel asleep at the wheel I bet when she hit he got thrown into the dash hard.

We were called mid watch to see if we’d (Carolyn C) hit the Mars platform, later heard it was a ship that was t-boned…didn’t hear any radio traffic here…hope they are OK.

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