Report on USS Lake Champlain collision with Nam Yang 502 on 9 May 2017

Thanks… That was an easy to follow and lucid write up. Again, keep your OOD and JOOD eyes out the window and quick scans on the radar. Granted their Radar Nav set was out, so the eyes have it.
Do not lose visual sight of contacts that close, especially in a turn. Step onto the wings to ensure all is well or if further effort is required now!

And here we are again with a USN destroyer trying to put on speed to “beat the train across the tracks”.
I understand the mind set. Having an old slow vessel now I have to opt for the opposite and slow down.
I tell my offices to “give him the whole ocean if he wants it, we are not driving an ambulance”, a few minutes added to the ETA is not noticed in this business, well mine at least.

I’m telling you, Full time Ship Handlers and ship handlers only, Warrant Officers, with no Up or Out concerns or check off lists to fill out for the next promotion.

Do you have a URL for those of us who want a local copy of the report. Thanks.



If you make it full page there’s a link to the right to d/l a .pdf.

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