Claire Candies

Does anyone know what caused the damage to the Claire Candies? Saw her sitting at quick repair for several days. I have pictures and will post them when I get home.

From what I “heard”, Claire had a “little” run in with a ship around the safety fairway out east. 2 academy mates had the watch and did not know how to switch out of autopilot.

I just hate when that happens!

heck, im an AB and that was one of the first things my Capt showed me… before heading to the galley :confused:

You are a fox in the hen house. :wink:

I will only kill the Rooster!

Have to call them Monday…

[quote=mtskier;14555]Have to call them Monday…

And Tuesday… and Wednesday…:smiley:

Which is worse - Mate not knowing how to switch out of Autopilot or a Master not ensuring the mast is LOWERED and HITTING a bridge? It all makes me feel good. NOT!!!:eek:

Mate was a Kings Pointer, One of his classmates sails with me. Fired as soon as they got the lines on the dock. The kid had been on there for several hitches, I am sure he knew how to work the auto pilot- maybe the computer was more interesting at the time. LOL

I believe the Claire also gave an ECO boat a fat li[p just a few days before that. Think it was the Kobe that they nailed as they were tied up in the slip.

Just curious if anyone had more info on this incident. Photos? Reports? News articles?

I dont mean to talk smack about the ring knockers, but it seems to me that OSV’s arent a good place for many of them. I was in DP school with a bunch of OC’s ring knockers and frankly they scared the hell out of me. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if it was one of them that is the one in this incident.

Thanks for the photo!

Ouch! Not sure what’s scarier- the vessel damage or eesmith’s shirtless photo:rolleyes:

Can’t tell from the pic- is that an HK91/G3 or a Cetme?

" Master not ensuring the mast is LOWERED and HITTING a bridge? " we had that happen at one company I was with…:rolleyes:

“Mate not knowing how to switch out of Autopilot”

I’ve had a similar experience-

I was doing my hourly ship’s rounds one night/morning on a cruise ship.

I got to the forward end of the lower level/crew hallway and got a call from the bridge… they had an alarm in the crew laundry… I go running towards the crew laundry and get there in a few seconds… a crewmember has already put out a small dryer fire with an ABC extinguisher…

A few seconds later a qmed secured the power- just in case.

I report this to the bridge…

A few seconds later I’m deafened by the general alarm- which was right next to my head.

The sleeping crew come stumbling out- fear in their eyes.
All because the 3M (and AB s) didn’t know how to acknowledge/silence the alarm:(

Luckily- the alarm didn’t sound in the pax areas or wake our guests.

Sure pissed off the captain though;)