Nice Docking

I love the way all the people ran down the dock so they could be in a perfect spot to be run over. I wish the video kept going so we could see STRIKE 2.

this happened in the Med several years ago, I have seen worse on the yachts, makes you wonder what brand of cracker jack box the captain got his license from

Only gave the vid. a quick read but it seemed like the approach was on target.
Is it possible the crewman on the stern was supposed to let the helmsman know the range and rate of closing ?
Most likely a comms. failure.

the wind was blowing hard

[U][I][B]the wind was blowing hard

meaning what??? if you can’t drive you should give the helm to the deckhand so he can, or in this case maybe the stewardess

regardless of all details, as always, it is the captains fault. period.

Tires and stern controls, all I’m saying. But Im so warped from working in the gulf that any vessel with out stern controls just looks wrong to me.