ECO rescues sailor

Saw on FB where a ECO boat rescued a sailboater. Any one have more information? Congrats to the ECO crew for seeing the flare and responding. :wink:

Was the Celena Chouest. When that front the other night, it was a sailboat that started taking on water. The Celena was working with the Noble Jim Day and heard the Mayday call. They were dispatched to assist and rescued the guy, then a couple of later a tug with 81,000 gal gasoline barge broke its towline, with the barge heading towards the rig. All this happened within the span of 2-3 hours. The barge was put back on towline. Not sure how close it got to the rig.

Thanks for the update. I saw pictures on my buddies computer showing the sailboat and the 70 year old sailor looking very happy to be on board. Didn’t know about the other events.

Kudos to the Celena Choest crew!

Great Job Celena!!!