I just want to say thanks to all of you guys that helped me along the way to getting a great job at ECO! I leave Virginia tomorow morning to head back down to the gulf and go threw my start up stuff then on to the M/V Fast Tender. I wont have any net access for my first hitch so I wont be on here for awhile. Thanks again guys for all of the help, I wouldnt be where I am today without ya’ll! I hope to meet some of ya’ll along the way! Take care and smooth sailing! And for those of you who are in and out of Fourchon, BEWARE of the Fast Tender the new guy could be at the helm! haha

Splash- If you have a lap top with wireless capability bring it. When you are tied up in Fourchon depending on where there are sometimes some very good unsecured wireless networks you can tap into for free- Also there is an internet provider there in Fourchon you can get for a small monthly service charge. Being on a crewboat you will be in and out a lot and when the seas are 8’ and over you sit at the dock so you will have time on your hands occasionally.

Splash, <br><br>Just like Lee said there is a service provider in Fourchon. Last time I was in “town” they had an option of $5.00 for a 24 hour period. Not a bad price if you want to check email and check out the lastest posts on gCaptain. Also, I have had good luck catching an unsecured signal or 2 from various locations in the port. Good luck on your new endeavor! Safe sailing.

Go get 'em, Splash!<br><br>CA

Please show your thanks by letting us know how things are going with you there. Keep us updated! GOOD LUCK!