Ship'n out!

Well, I ship out tomorrow on my first job! Dredge tending out in Grays Harbor, I just wanted to thank everybody who has taken the time to answer all my questions and help me get to this point! This forum is such a great place for everyone in this industry!

Good luck with the new job, and be safe out there!

Thanx man! Im just glad to be getting to work, lucky to have a chance in this economy!

congrats Michojay

Congratulations dude. Stay safe.

Congrats and keep it safe out there.

Well my first trip out was exciting to say the least! Learned a lot! Saw a lot that hopefully never see again! Hooked the barge up on a channel marker, spooled the wire on the wench and lost our tow (we did recover it though) one week later snapped the bridals lost our tow again! All of this in foul weather,it’s been an experience! None of this happened on my watch I’d like to add lol but I did everything I could to help out! I really do love the new job though and our updated crew is awesome!

enjoy hearing about your travels- keep it up and stay safe


Ten years ago I couldn’t spell DREDGERMAN NOW i ARE ONE. It’s honest work bring a thick skin and sense of humor and you will learn so much !

You will never look at the world the same again. May the winds fill your sails and you leave the binds of shore behind you.

Good luck with the new job, and be safe out there!