First Run is done

Hi everyone,

Dave here, just got done with my first hitch. Got on a small OSV here in the GOM. Decent pay too, 260/day. What a trip! Captain began every response with " Well…let’s see…" C/E had only 2 ways to talk, first was with a mouth full of ball bearings, then when I’d say " What?" He’d scream the same thing!! Too much time in closed compartments. I had NO IDEA I was just going to be a caretaker. I didn’t get to fix, maintain, or adjust a thing! I’m used to a six hour watch in the plant, not a tour every 30 mins, and watcthing TV the rest of the time. Going back right after the first of the year.

I have been giving allot of thought into shipping out.
What was the hardest part of the job?
What was the nicest surprize?
Any photos?


Sorry, no pics, wasn’t sure how that would roll on the first hitch.

Go ahead and sail. it’s a great deal.

The nicest surprise was being accepted as soon as I got there. The basic attitude was very relaxed. Professional as hell, but not all anal about it.

The hardest part of the job was not “over-doing it”. I was USN for 8 years, then sailed MSC for a few more, and it’s a different mentality over there. Not worse, not better, just different.

Bluewater -

Congratulations on completing your first hitch. Hope is it the first of many. I rotate out tomorrow, after completing my second.


I shipped out well into the second half of my working years, and I’m not looking back.