First trip

Just finished all the paperwork for the hiring process should be sailing next month with marquette gulf division, any advice?

Just make the best of it. Learn all you can.

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Work hard, stay positive. It sucks being the new guy. Try to be a self-starter with a positive attitude. No one likes a new guy who goes ‘i know i know’ all the time. Even if you do know, listen and learn.


Stay off your phone during watch for the first few hitches until you learn the ropes. Also try and keep busy with cleaning/learning etc. Get up before watch change/set enough alarms so you never have to be woken up. My opposite still sleeps past watch change regularly and it gets old fast…you’ll be fine as long as you listen and do what you’re told…


Theres no shit jobs. Leave phone in cabin. Ask if you don’t nderstan. If works feels to hard, ask . Be happy

Ask and think about the answer. Don’t expect to Keon all

All these fellows are giving good advice. You may ask why. They were new guys at one time or another. They know what they did right and wrong. Keep a low profile, ask questions and soak it up. Every rig works different, but all need supplies and grub. Be the first in line to help with that, it goes a long way. I cannot speak for ships, but the Chief has a helluva workload and if lucky, has an asst engineer to help. He is one of the most important fellows on board, as well as the cook if you have one. Help out loading that heavy shit that needs to go below… And yes, DO NOT be late for watch. Never say “That’s not my job”. Do that and even the grumpiest fuck onboard will welcome you. Good luck sir.


well , … i find myself kinda jealous even having retired yrs. ago … i could offer all sorts of BAD advise !!

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