New Guy - What to expect on a boat

just accepted a job from Chouest but I have never been had a job like this so im not sure what to expect.
my job is entry level so I know im pretty much just doing as im told. but im wondering about life outside of my shift.
I know there is a cafeteria but what else is there??

I can live without a lot of stuff ( I did a Tour in Iraq/Marines) so im not worried about luxury items
just wondering what is on a boat??

why on earth are you asking all the same questions again?


[QUOTE=c.captain;119308]why on earth are you asking all the same questions again?


take it easy cc. same question yes, but different work history.

he’s letting us know that he’s had it much, much worse.

FNG: first of all, thanks for your service.

get ready to make real money and have limitless possibilities for advancement.

the best advice i can give you is that it’s all about sea time, classes and USCG exams. just keeping plugging away and you’ll move up the ladder with no problems.

good luck. you will do great, and it should be a cakewalk for you by comparison.

Time outside your shift = offering to help those that are on shift, or at least understand what they do. Bring a good book, listen to tunes, watch tv if they have satellite, etc. you will settle in very quickly. Good luck!

It would help if you post type of boat and position. Reason, I can’t tell you about crew boats or anchor boats. I can tell you about the mudd boats.

I hope the Master puts you with someone good as your safety partner 1st. 2nd you being in the military, thanks for serving by the way, you should have more self motivation then most folks. This makes advancing easier in the civilian world then the military. (It’s up to you, not what someone thinks of you.)

All posted good things but it will be up to the Master on a lot of your questions. Some may let you do laundry while on watch some may not. Some may let you watch TV during hours during the night some may not. Do what you feel is right also, to many times I was told to take a break while working, during your work hours. You will soon find who are the slugs and don’t follow there footsteps. Enough about all that, you will find out.

Bring a Kindle if you have one, if not and like to read then go to the pawn shop and by one. Folks on the boat will have 1,000’s of book you can download on it. A laptop is recommended also if you like to play games or watch movies. Also get a smartphone if you have nobody to pay your bills while gone. Speaking of phones …STAY OFF THAT DANG THING WHILE ON WATCH. It will get you into more trouble then you know. Again some masters may allow it, some not during daylight hours and some not at all.

1st hitch just bring you something to occupy you while you are off watch and find out what the rules are from the master.

Just saw on your other post you are a wiper. You will most likely need at least a weeks of cloths, you only bring 3 days worth and the washer goes down not only will you feel miserable wearing dirty cloths your shipmates will not want to eat around you. LOL! The deepsink ain’t a good place to wash cloths clean.

Working on a boat every day for 12 hours is worth it considering you don’t have to commute each day . Can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to go lay right in bed after work or to wake up and already be at work in the morning.

What boat you on man? We just got a new wiper and I’m wondering if its you lol.

You are a military men so I don’t have to tell you to leave your feelings at home! You knew that already! ! Good luck!