New Guy - FNG - First time on boat - What is life like?

I was offered a job to work for Chouest as a wiper, I accepted but I really have no idea what expect the moment I get on the the Ship or boat or vessel. Im going tomorrow for a physical so Im not quite sure exactly when Im leaving. My question is what is life like?
Ive read that you should take 3-5 pairs of clothes, good working boots
I have an idea what Im going to work on since its entry level I know I will do as Im told.
is there laundry rooms and what is there in the rooms?

Any info on what to expect would be helpful
Thank you In Advance

for God’s sake man!

The life is you work 12 or more hours and day and have 12 or fewer hours a day off to sleep, eat, bathe, do laundry.

In your cabin you will have a bunk, a locker and a desk

They serve you food, water and air to breath.

They give you time to bathe, do your personal ablutions and sleep. You will be expected to do all three regularly.

Yes, there are laundry rooms!

I am certainly glad that you already know that as a wiper you are expected to do what you are told to do and to do it quietly.

Tugboat Etiquette for the New Hire - From NY Tugmasters - It’s about joining a tug but a good post and great advice.