New guy question

Hi all, I am currently a millwright with experience in power generation (gas and steam turbines) looking to sail for my first time as a wiper to try and begin a maritime career. What can I expect as a wiper, working conditions, specific jobs etc.? Will any of my prior experience carry over? Also, what are the average pay rates for wiper thereabouts? Thanks

Hah. I see you decided to re-phrase your thread. I’m sure you will have better and less hostile replies now that you’re not asking about how to supplement your current millwright income with mariner work😉

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Lmao!! Yea well I guess it DID come across as a little douchey the way I said it last time.


It’s the entry level engine room position, so don’t expect much glory. The job title pretty much sums it up. You’ll be wiping up messes. It’s largely a janitor job. Sweeping, mopping, emptying trash cans and oily rag cans, restocking clean rag bins. Also needle scaling and painting. If there’s a mess to clean up then you’ll be there. On some ships I’ve seen the oiler also help the deck department when it comes to tying up or untying the vessel.

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I can live with that. Gotta start somewhere, thanks for the reply