Requesting advice for aspiring mariner


I’m looking to switch careers and join the US Merchant Marine. Ironically, for the last several years I have been shore staff at MSC’s CONUS HQ. I think the time has come to trade in a cubicle for a ship–either as an MSC CIVMAR or with a private company in some other capacity.

I have a background in electrical engineering, several years of solid engineering work experience, a TWIC and a bare-bones MMC. How should I approach this? How does the career progression work? Any advice? I know I can get picked up quickly somewhere as an OS, but is there a better route?


I would suggest private messaging a member here named Cajaya. She is very experienced in the industry and can help you through all aspects of getting started. Good luck.

^^^^^ agreed LOL.

You work on the inside, man. Pull your strings and get on an MSC ship for a couple hitches. You’ll know what you do or don’t want to do by then, and have some solid experience and some jingle in your pocket to boot.

If your electrical engineering degree is from an ABET accredited program after 180/days as a wiper you can test for third assistant.

Just go join a ship as a wiper and learn everything you can.