Rose Cay questions

I see the Susan Rose out there in commerce and I have a few questions if anyone here is working for them. They had a one page website last time I looked.

How many boats are running?

Are they hiring mariners?

What’s the pay and schedule like?

Is it old Bouchard guys on the boats? Are they going to expand or sell the equipment when they have some equity?

I think I heard that Rose Cay is affiliated with Saltchuk and Foss.

Not sure how many Bouchard crews would join the Union. I think some stayed

Didn’t want to start a whole new thread for this, this thread seemed applicable enough. Apologies for hijacking someone else’s thread if that’s what I’m doing.

With all the scuttlebutt about how Centerline is doing lately that has made me curious about how one of the other major buyers of Bouchard’s fleet is fairing these days: Rose Cay Maritime. Any word from over there? How are things going? Are they proving to be a good company to work for or just another meat grinder like the rest?

Can’t help but be curious since there has been relatively little chatter on that subject, at least that I’ve heard myself.

I heard from an associate that is on a Rose Cay vessel. He says he is employed by FOSS.

He says the company has plans to expand into the NY market, they are actively recruiting people with local knowlege both afloat and ashore.

Interesting. So is Rose Cay more of a holding company and Foss is doing their crewing and management? Did you get the impression from your friend that this was the case across the fleet or just on his boat?

I am not sure of the exact arrangement. We do know thay Rose Cay is not a maritime company they are financial guys that purchased the distressed assets from Bouchard. It is not uncommon to use other companies for crew. One other company in the harbor is Apex oil using Cutler-poling for crew.

What I do know is that he received a call to get on this particular boat asap because it was headed to NY and they did not have anyone with recency or local knowlege.

My boss also received a call looking to recruit him to join the offfice staff.

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As of yesterday, their agreement with Foss has ended. Contact Rose Cay direct. Excellent equipment if returned to good condition. Most of you familiar with the Bouchard operation should contact
Jim Sloane at Rose Cay.

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