Questions about Bouchard

I’m trying to get shoreside and I saw Bouchard had some good paying jobs open in the office. Normally I wouldn’t even pay it any attention but I heard that they were under new management. Upon sending in my resume I got an email from Morty. My question is this. Is this still the same old place I got fired from years ago? I’m about to have my first kid and I can’t afford to get fired in 3 months. Anyone got any experience?

Are you unemployed right now?

No I’m currently with Crowley on their ATBs. Really solid company and I hate to leave but I don’t wanna sail or move to FL.

You can always say no or yes… Interview by all means. He is under heavy scrutiny and perhaps has been humbled into treating his employees right… May be a good thing, maybe not. His new shit is top dog. Go with your gut.


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itd be one thing if you were unemployed, but i couldnt imagine making that move.

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Could be the start of a new solid company that finally learned their lesson and changed their way…but I wouldn’t hold me breath.

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He has been posting on LinkedIn about some big changes for 2021 and getting things right, so it would be worth an interview I’d think…

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Are you out of your mind?


I know the grass is always greener and all that blah blah blah…but…

You are already working at an established top tier company. I can understand being burnt on sailing and wanting a change…but considering if even half of what we have heard of bouchard over the years is true, why do you want to go backwards? If you were out of work, by all means go for it…but you are working and have a good job.

Someone told me years ago. Always upgrade, never downgrade.


For me, I’m fine with downgrading when the time is right. I have no regrets concerning the times I downgraded. But as you said, if half, even a quarter of the supposedly firsthand accounts I heard about Morty Bouchard are true then I would never throw the livelihood of my wife & kids into a scenario where I depended on him. I know I shouldn’t trust the rumormill but when so many people of various age groups who have never met each other say the same thing then I pay attention.


To clarify, my statement wasn’t all about money…there is a lot of give and take in regards to lifestyle and goals.
I have ‘downgraded’ before also. Took a big paycut to gain some experience and seatime, went from working the bridge back down to the deck and so forth, another time to be home more.

Sounds like the OP wants to go shoreside but doesn’t want to move. Thats understandable, but hell…just hold out till the right deal comes along. I guess it doesn’t hurt to pursue an interview but i just say, tread with great caution.


If the interview was local, less than a tank of gas then I would probably go. But I wouldn’t invest more dough than that for the possibility of working for Morty Bouchard, especially if I was fired by him before.

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Interesting post about leopards not changing their spots.I once interviewed many years back for Bouchard for their then newbuild “Robert”. The HR guy seemed way to eager to hire me, although times were slow and the pay was a bit better, I declined. Glad I did. I respect the fact that they hired mates,not captains but move up through the system, a good practice. That nice rig went through quite a few captains as time progressed. Morty is under the microscope by the bankers, and may be a bit more tolerant than in the past. Tread carefully, and get a decent contract guaranteeing your employment for a stretch. Again, some don’t change their character that easy. At least interview, get a feel for the “New” atmosphere.

Yup, LinkedIn has a some back/forth between the principles…time will tell.

Because of their past, you should negotiate severance and other items to protect yourself, you can even bring up the past, if they really want you, they will make concessions to attract you to taking the position. Also, I doubt that really is Morty posting on Linkedin and not someone else in his circle. Most Executives have outside sources controlling their Linkedin accounts. Trust me.

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Good advice but I think the managers/owners of that company have a long reputation of not living up to their end of contracts even when losing in court. A severance contract might only be worth the recycling weight of the paper it was printed on?

I think it’s him. His grammar/spelling is that of a 4 year old and always has been.

I’ve actually been able to connect with a surprising amount of higher ups via LinkedIn so I wouldn’t be too sure about that…

There is only one higher up. Look before you leap.