USCG Endorsement for "Ice Operations/Ice Navigation?"

Is this something that is coming with the Manila Amendments to STCW? I just came across a job posting that had “USCG Endorsement for Ice Operations/Ice Navigation” as one of the requirements for the position,
I don’t believe any such endorsement exists at the present time. Please enlighten me, O’ great minds of gCaptain. Having just come off a US flagged Antarctic Icebreaker I would think I would maybe have heard about such a requirement. I don’t want a job doing research work in the Arctic off a tiny boat anyway, just was wondering where they came up with this "Endorsement"
Cheers! (link to job posting)

I guess the CG is going to wait for Global Warming and save the paperwork.

None does currently exist and looking into my glass ball I believe it will be coming along AFTER the Manila Amendments. The IMO still has a ways to go before implementing some sort of Ice requirements.

Not coming any time soon. It was not part of our proposed regulation to implement 2010 STCW.