STCW Manila Amendments

Can anyone tell me where we can get a copy of the STCW Manila Amendments? They will have a big impact on our training programs

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IMO indicated " The new STCW including the Manila amendments will not be printed until March next year. I am not sure if the information is available for free, I recommend you try your National Maritime Administration to see if they have it available.

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Don’t know where to find a copy, I have only seen a summary, but I do wonder if they will be mailed out in Manila envelopes when the do become available?

I will try to track down the summary info when I get a chance.

Good question. I had a draft copy of the requirements for the ice pilotage portion. If that interest you, I’m sure I can find them somewhere.

Thanks, the big problem is the requirements for schools to have a QSS plan in place.

However, there are some exception. At a price tag around $20,000 a plan we need to see just who is covered.


The QSS requirements are in the 95 amendments.

Agreed. I want to see what changes may have been made if any. There have been comments from other schools that it now would include everything from OUPV and Master 100 ton to advance basket weaving.(not my comment). After reviewing the proposed cfr changes last year it appeared the lower level license are not covered under stcw. However, new amendments mean different points of view.


There may be some relevant documents at this site, possibly including a copy of the 2010 STCW:
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