Is there a difference between a STCW & STCW-95? If so, what are they?

The latest is STCW’10, which incl. the Manila amendment:

It’s been amended several times since 2010, including in 2014, 2015, and 2016. These amendments included adding sections for vessels operating in polar waters, and vessels using natural gas and other low flashpoint fuels.

As to the original question/poster, you are not going to get any useful answers without more information about why you are asking. I can’t even guess why you’re asking or what you want to know.


I just recently went to sea school in Bayou LaBatre,AL to get my AB, Lifeboatman, and STCW. When I looked up the courses online and seen that they offered the STCW course, there wasn’t a specific number next to. Example: STCW -95 or STCW’10. It just said STCW. But when I applied for a job a few days ago, on one of the questions they asked if I had a STCW - 95. It threw me off a little because of the 95. And now that I’m asking this question, I’m just finding out that it has been amended to STCW10. I’m really wondering which one it is that I have.

For your apparent purpose, they’re the same thing. Also, “STCW” is a large international convebntion that includes requirements for many endorsements. What you are probably refering to is “Basic Training.” Don’t just call it “STCW” as that covers all sorts of stuff from entry level up to Master abnd Chief Engineer.

Thank you for clarifying that. That’s exactly what I currently have “Basic Training “

The 2010 revision was the latest major revision of the STCW convention.
There have been many amendments before and since, but the body of the convention has reminded the same.

As you point out, there is a lot more to the STCW Convention than just basic safety training, not least on the educational and licencing side…

Most seafaring nations have adopted the Convention in full and made it “the law of the land”, with any short comings that still exist.
Further improvements and amendments can be expected as the technology develop.