Ukrainian Sea Drones Sink Russian Missile Corvette Ivanovets

Video at the linked post.

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Though, sorry for those aboard. That class missile corvette has purportedly a crew of 50. Russian leadership really is just bleeding their own people dry.

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That blast looked unsurvivable.

Hope the Houthis aren’t watching.

Everybody is watching. Its my speculative observation that naval warfare is or is about to undergo a major paradigm shift.


Holy hell, they directed one of those into a hole already blown into the hull before detonating. Impressive and horrifying all at once.

Reminds me of that test the USAF did with the bomb directed under the keel of a bulker and sinking it in under a minute.

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Reminds me of the technological change in navies which occurred around 1900: the invention of torpedo-boats. What we in the US would call “PT-boats”. Back around 1900 these were viewed as an existential threat for dreadnaughts. A swarm of torpedo boats could, it was thought, take out a dreadnaught for very little cost.

So, a new type of warship was invented to protect the dreadnaughts from torpedo-boats: torpedo-boat destroyers. Small, very fast ships armed with fast-firing guns, designed specially to wipe out torpedo boats.

However, when WW1 rolled around the torpedo-boats turned out to be less of a threat than the newly-developed submarines. So, the torpedo-boat destroyers were re-purposed and re-armed to hunt subs, and the name was shortened simply to “destroyer”, which became the genesis for the modern destroyer.

So, we may see the rise of drone-destroyers, which may be drones themselves, accompanying the fleet. Or maybe just a lot more Phalanx CIWS on each vessel.

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I wonder who is supplying the sat link for those drones, Mr Musk?

The delay is said to be about three seconds.

44 crew on board no survivors

They are watching and who knows who else is watching whom

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Laser could work as well, perhaps even better than against missiles. Fry the exposed sensors and antennas.

Maybe Combat air patrol duties to protect ships from attack will be performed by multiple drones of different types.

This just showed up in my news feed:

Even though laser weapons cost a lot to develop, their per-shot cost can be as low as $1 — a single missile can carry a price tag of more than $1 million.


Another Russian ship destroyed by Ukrainian drones. Landing ship Caesar Kunikov. Crew of 87. Not known how many died. Russia is not denying the attack. Video of the hit.

Black Sea Fleet Disaster Gets Muted Kremlin Response (

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If Banderites are so smart , they can learn in few weeks to fly and operate your F16s, drive/operate your tanks, use efficiently your “patriot” batteries fireing 20 missiles in 2 minutes and smartly use all other toys you supply them at your taxpayers expense , do you believe they can not master AI tools available on line or by other means and use them to trick gullible fools , showing them clips at a time US Senate is delibarating on another 60 bln usd " help" package and at the time when their training camps are hit with the huge loss of young lives?

Who the hell needs to hear russian opinion when:
a) if they say the truth - it is russian manipulation
b) if they lie - it is russian propaganda
c) if they say nothing or neither deny nor confirm anything - it is the mother of all russian propaganda , manipulation and disinformation !!
according to main sewage stream , woke, collective west media.

How about US/Nato intel confirming this?
Have all Nato /Us swarms of awacses or similar , drones and all the eyes in the sky hovering over Black Sea disappeared or were shut down for lunch or dinner or for planned maintenance, when another version of the " GOAT OF KIEV " hit the ruskies again to divert attention from the banderite losses on land and the Avdivka debacle???

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Boat him big hole in side. Drink 'em plenty water in belly. Him heap sick and sleep with fishes.



Russian admiral sacked for not losing 1/3 of Black Sea fleet to phony Ukrainian AI imagery.

Russian Navy Commander ‘Sacked’ After Third of Black Sea Fleet Lost (

"Admiral Viktor Sokolov, the commander of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, has been “sacked” after the fleet suffered another loss on Wednesday, local Telegram channels reported.

The Rybar Telegram channel, which has links to Russia’s defense ministry, said Thursday that there are now “changes in the Black Sea Fleet,” after Ukraine’s forces destroyed Russia’s Caesar Kunikov landing ship this week."


Ukraine sunk another ship near Feodosia.

That is around 320 nautical miles from Ukrainian land. Their Magura USVs have an alleged range of up to 430 nautical miles.

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New footage has emerged of futile attempts by Russian naval personnel trying to stave off a USV swarm attack by the Ukrainians.

The advances in USV technology might mean countries need to rethink their naval policies. It is very difficult to defend against a large swarm of USVs.

The cost of a USV swarm is the fraction of the cost of a large naval vessel. Ukraine has shown how a relatively small investment can cause havoc on fleet of large naval vessels.

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Interesting that tovarich Spowiednick hasn’t chimed in about the capitalist propaganda yet… :rofl: