Amphibian USS Boxer shot down Iranian drone in Hormuz

According to Trump the drone approached the USS Boxer up to a distance of 1000 yards.

That phalanx ciws ain’t no slouch when it comes to close in targets

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Behind pay wall. Here is a free article from BBC:

Maybe somebody off a ship in the vicinity is missing their cheap drone purchased in Dubai??

The first reports of “shot down”, implying the use of gunfire, might be inaccurate. According to FoxNews, the drone was jammed electronically - on the first deployment of that weapon system aboard BOXER.

From Al Jazeera today:

Is there any “international waters” in the Strait of Hormuze?
It is only 21 n.miles wide at it’s narrowest, with Iran on one side and Oman on the other, both claiming 12 n.miles territorial waters per UNCLOS.
There is an internationally recognised shipping lane used by ships traversing in and out of the Gulf by ships on lawful and innocent passage, also per UNCLOS.
Whether this also includes the air space is an open question.

It is a grave situation, where both parties are in danger of stumbling into a war that nobody want, or need:

Look, I know you hate USA, but if I were CO of a ship in that area, with an unidentified drone only 1000 yds away, on a course towards the vessel, that hadn’t turned away after warnings, I’d shoot it down too. At that distance, there isn’t a hell of a lot of time to decide what to do.


So who onboard a drone is going to listen to a radio, much less reply?

Isn’t the sacred space around a navy ship 100 yards, not 1000 yards?

Loving the USA doesn’t mean being blind and mute.


Why is it always considered hating the USA by certain people if you question a military action? Patriotism cuts both ways and I have to agree with @steamer on the whole blindly getting on board being about the least patriotic thing someone can do. War sucks any which way you cut it. Questioning the details that lead up to a conflict is not someone who hates their country. It’s someone who has seen it happen before and knows it sucks!


I had the same uneasy feeling about this. How do you warn a drone to back off? There are no little men inside that thing to communicate with.

Put up a big, er, fender sticker that says “IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU’RE TOO CLOSE”?


Or use the Aldis or signal lamp, point it at the culprit and signal something like: “F…k off creep”.


If not available go into the survival mode and use the signal mirror.

Send him back! Send him back! Oh sorry, that can’t be done he is already back in Norway.

I do not hate USA, or any other countries, nor do I have any biases towards any political opinion. I’m also not an ill informed idiot that believe anything said by anybody of whatever political persuasion.

Maybe you should listen to, or read, some news that hasn’t been filtered through any specific national or political filter. FoxNews is not the only news source available you know.

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Like you, I had the same thoughts about the drone - “who aboard is going to listen?” However, there are common radio frequencies used in the aviation community - 121.5mhz & 243.0mhz. These frequencies are similar to the maritime VHF16. I’d like to believe that attempts were made on these freqs.

The “sacred” space around a navy ship “might be” 100 yards - ONLY WHEN THE SHIP IS MOORED, not underway. As far as underway, I’m not aware of any “specified” zone, but my experience in operating on a commercial vessel in the vicinity of the navy is that they like 1 mile, except in congested fairways.

Here’s a math question for you: How much time for the drone to close 1000 yards if the drone’s speed is 60Kts; 100kts? Do you remember the “3 minute rule”? There isn’t a hell of a lot of time to do something once the aircraft is within 1000 yards. . .

Yeah. I agree about questioning the details - I was blowing up a lot of SH!T in VNam. But when a vessel is being approached by a “hostile” nation, in a “threatening manner”, one doesn’t have the luxury of waiting too long.

And I’m a little butt-sore by individuals that hammer the US for stuff, but ignore other country’s provocative acts… For instance, I didn’t see any comments about the Brit patrol vessel that engaged with the Iranian boats when they approached a Brit tanker last week.

Fox news was the ONLY outlet that was reporting the jamming of the drone. Commie News Network was reporting “shot down”, as was MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC. Since you are so well informed, perhaps you can guide me as to what unbiased news source I should read or listen to.
Fox is biased towards the administration-it can do no wrong, and MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and BBC is biased against the administration-it can’t do anything right. . .

True, I didn’t check in with Al Jazeera, Singapore Times, RT News…

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Your use of “commie news network” for CNN says a lot about your political leaning, so it is clear you are not really interested in unbiased news from any source.

My advise is to look at multiple news sources and make up your own mind about the truthfulness of any reporting. Al Jazeera English is a good source of information that is not coloured by any one nationalities.

Singapore Times doesn’t exist, but maybe you mean Straits Times? It is fairly unbiased on things that does not involve race or religion, which is very much restricted due to Singapore policy on the subjects for obvious reasons.

Channel News Asia (CNA) is a good source for Asian news from an Asian perspective, not too coloured by western perceptions and biases.

RT News is worth checking to see what “the other side” has to say on subjects involving Russia. They also have some fairly interesting discussion programs on subjects that does not at times.

Otherwise you have reporting in English on many different national TV news channels, like CCTV News, DW News, French TV 24 etc. They all have some good reporting and some that has a distinct national colour on their reporting.

To me BBC World News is as unbiased as can be expected of a national broadcaster and have been my main source of news for nearly 50 years. Long time before the present deluge of news was available worldwide.

VOA was the main alternative, but you had to be pretty uninformed if you thought that was unbiased news reporting.
In these Apollo 11 days I remember listening to VOA’s live reporting on shortwave while sailing along “Iron bottom sound” in the Solomon Islands on a small ship built in 1938. The commentator mentioned that the orbiter was able to navigate with an accuracy of 35 m. while on the far side of the moon.
We had a magnetic compass that was wild due to all the steel on the bottom, an old sextant, worn out from being polished for year, and a Decca Mk I radar had been out of order for years.

That got a bit OT, but I’m sure KC will split this post if it gets too many comments.

Notwithstanding my political leaning (national borders & LEGAL immigration, etc.), you seem to gloss over the fact that my viewing networks other than Fox would appear to indicate that I am seeking alternative views. Unfortunately, it seems that all of the American networks no longer follow true and unbiased journalism. It seems that the media infuses a lot of adjectives and adverbs to magnify the emotion, instead of just reporting the facts.

And thanks for the correction on Strait Times. When I was in S’pore, I enjoyed reading it. And thanks for the inroads to CNA, CCTV, DW. To me, BBC of the past was much more neutral in its bias.

Never had the opportunity of transiting IB sound. I devoured the history of WWII battles there, as a teen in the 60’s.

And yeah, we’ve wandered OT, and will most likely get spanked. . .

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You saying that CNN is an unbiased news source says a lot about your political leaning. Their bias is dragging their ratings down…