Thanks to Seacor

I am sure that many hit this link thinking that I was going to bash Seacor. Sorry, not going to happen. I just wanted to give some much deserved thanks to the company and some folks publicly. Quick story. Me and my partner in crime decided that we wanted a career change and decided to head to the GOM and look for work. We were both 100T NC Captains and got our AB Unlimited tickets. We kissed our wives and kids and headed to LA and started knocking on doors. Lots of doors!! After about a month we got a call from Seacor offering us both jobs. They were the only one willing to take a chance on two 40+ year old guys starting over. We started with Seacor on Dec 27 2011. After our first hitch we both had plans of what we wanted to do and asked for some guidance. After receiving advice from the office and the officers we hit it and hit it hard with the full support of Seacor and our crews. The company supported us in every way that they could to ensure we could reach our goals. Our crews stood by guiding and teaching us the way of the OSV. And as of last month Seacor has 2 new officers. One 1600T Oceans Mate and 1 3rd Mate. This all happened because of the type of people that Seacor has in its employee. (And allot of hard work) So to Ms Angel, Capt John, Capt Eddie, Capt Greg, Capt Steve and the rest of the crew THANK YOU:cool: for all that you do for your people. Without your support this would never have happened. Lesson to be learned, take a chance on two old guys, develop your crew and never give up. Be safe, Be well and Tight Lines to all…

Bravo Zulu to you both!

Congrats guys!

Congrats, fellas.

Hard work, determination, and perseverance always pay off.

Congratulations to both of you.

I hope all the other companies start giving people like this these chances. If we are to crew all these newbuilds this scenario is going to have to become the norm. We have to attract people from other sectors. Tug, crew boat and inland people can bring something to the table in the OSV business. They just need the chance. Great job guys!

[QUOTE=Fraqrat;111972]I hope all the other companies start giving people like this these chances. If we are to crew all these newbuilds this scenario is going to have to become the norm. We have to attract people from other sectors. Tug, crew boat and inland people can bring something to the table in the OSV business. They just need the chance. Great job guys![/QUOTE]

Speaking as an older fart, it has happen before in the industry, and these guys are proving that this practice continues.

My hat is off to them for their tenacity and for being an example for others. It is great that they shared their story for those that are considering the move.

I would suggest that you guys deserve the credit for your success through your work ethics, and don’t forget to thank your biggest supporters, your families. Congrats

WHAT??? You mean we can’t just hire every cadet not good enough to get on a drill ship(the only job they seem interested in) and hope they learn to drive quickly or just shuffle them around as paper jockeys to meet manning requirements if not???

I thought all the cadets were hired already? I thought all the drilling company’s hired every guy that graduated this year? I didn’t think there was anyone left to hire. I figured they would all be out here wielding their class rings like the Green Lantern Corp saving the day.

LOL. Nobody blow their stack…I’ve worked with some great grads. In reality though as the fleets grow and the experienced workforce ages, we might start seeing issues. The fact is it takes time to get a cadet up to speed handling the vessels, usually more time than a guy switching from tugs or fresh off an upgrade from mini supplies or utility boats.

Not all of us have the academic capacity of a cadet but some of the best captains I’ve worked with weren’t exactly college material. We need a good mix of both. We can all learn from the strengths of those around us if we choose. I’ve learned ALOT about navigating the CFRs from some of the grads I’ve been around and I’d like to think they learned as much about real world navigation, close quarters handling and management of a working OSV from me.

These two guys literally left home, and I doubt in the last year and a half that they’ve had 6 weeks with their families. Petal to the metal. The poster has been in asset to our vessel, and we’ve been lucky to have him. Now, we’ve just got to keep him.

We’ve all worked with the AB who goes on and on about testing up and getting their license. But, five years later, nothing has changed. Not even their tune, and in some cases, it’s a shame.

Congrats to these two. Nothing was handed to them. They took advantage of what was available and more importantly made the sacrifices necessary to accomplish their goals.

Well done.


I got hired on by seacor early this year and have to say im quite happy with the people I have meet and worked with so far as well… im working on deck as an AB even though I have a bigger ticket. I just hope they keep their word and get me into the wheelhouse within the next few monthes so I don’t need to go shopping my services around. I would really like to stay with seacor even though other companies may pay abit is amazing to me the number of ABs who have no interest in moving upwards… this industry has sooo much potential for someone ambitious enough to step up.i have paid for all of my classes so far and am pretty happy to have a company willing to invest in my training,now if they will just use me for something other than chipping paint…

In the deep sea world, many AB’s got 1600 ton Master.
But until they get unlimited license, their chance of landing officer’s job is very slim.

Going through all the hard works hardly gave me any officer job, until I got the Unl. Ticket.

Keep working on upgrading your license…you will open up the wider door.
That’s the only way to get the Unl. Master’s ticket for us, hawsepipers…

Well l’m glad to see the big boat division is getting taken care of. I know a few people on the crewboats that have been here for years and are being told " if you wanna upgrade to a larger ticket leave go get it then come back"
Congratulations to the fellas that worked hard to move up.
It’s not all peaches and cream at Seacor. Quite a few in that office that lie like creap rubber back floor mats.

I was a crew boat captain at Seacor they paid for all my classes to upgrade. I on supply boats now

ECO did the same for me. Took me as an AB when I was 45, paid for most of my schools and I was in the wheelhouse 2 years later. 120 more days and I’ll have my unlimited DP.

I’ll be with the company until I retire or they run me off.

Congrats Thirds… a couple of my captains helped me out a lot and a few didnt help any. Also from this fourm Capt. Pheniox and xmscapt answered some of my questions that helped me also plus the research button so I guess I can add C captain to the list also. LOL!!![QUOTE][/QUOTE]

So do we need to change your name to Mate Murph or what? :cool:


I tried but couldn’t so I just let it ride. My pay is what it is no matter my screen name. Doubt if my man stick will grow any either so guess I’ll just leave everything as it is. :slight_smile:

Some guys have all the luck