Things I'm Thankful for Here

Something nice. I’ll start.

I wasn’t very active here until more recently, but I have lurked and picked up some things over the years.

I’m grateful that I learned about OSV Master and that you need to ask for it sometimes. It got me a new gig in 2009 when times were tough. Likewise, Mate OSV 10,000. Special shout out to @jdcavo He’s consistently supplied the straight dope.

It’s a complicated business, and there’s quality information here. I’d be lesser without it.


JD Cavo is the bomb. Good for you sir on your achievements. Been retired for a while, always good to hear about mariners getting ahead in this tough business.


Same here!
Information about the industry, job hunting and licensing/upgrades found in abundance here has been critical to my career. Jdcavo has certainly given me personally some good info over the years amongst other forum members.


I am greatful for the insights and points of view of so many others, and for the opportunity to see other parts of the maritime industry through their eyes. This forum offers a window into so many facets of the industry that I have never experienced, or likely will never experience first hand. I also appreciate that those insights come from people of all different ranks, geographic locations, career stages, etc…

I love the immense depth of maritime knowledge that allows discussion far beyond the pragmatic practicalities of getting things done. I love the plethora of leadership insight and people skills that never fails to produce an incisive answer to such questions. I love that bullshit doesn’t fly, because you always run into someone who knows exactly what he is talking about, even far beyond strictly maritime topics. I love that differences of opinion aren’t only tolerated, but often result in meaningful debate. I love that we have our very own Twitter Child, ever ready to serve bite sized chunks of weapons grade snark to those who deserve no better. I love our oldtimers, who provide a living glimpse into the golden age of seafaring. There is very little I don’t love about this place.


That is a lot of love. And was fun to read.

I doubt there is anyplace other to go where I could ““relate”” on being at sea so much professionally. I like coming here to ‘‘stay rooted’’ … and for beer!!

Just curious, who is the snarky twitter child?

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